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Wolfeboro Ice Fishing Tips: Are You Ready for Winter Fishing?

Wolfeboro Ice Fishing Tips: Are You Ready for Winter Fishing?

winnipesaukee winter fishing gearOne of the things that we are known for at Lake Winnipesaukee is our winter fishing season. Just because the lake freezes over each winter doesn’t mean you can’t go fishing. In fact, we have tournaments each year designed to celebrate New Hampshire ice fishing. When you visit the NH Hole in the Wall, you can check out our full array of winter fishing supplies. Whether you are coming to Wolfeboro for ice fishing or if you have a trip planned before the ice is entirely in, there’s lots to see, do, and catch in our little “summer” town. All of the ice fishing bait and equipment, plus lures and extra gadgets, can be found at our store. Learn how to fish like the locals do when you visit the NH Hole in the Wall.

Wolfeboro Ice Fishing 101: The Basics

If you are new to winter or ice fishing, there’s a bit of a learning curve compared to other types of fishing. You can get a low-cost rod and reel or tie-up when you visit the NH Hole in the Wall for ice fishing bait and equipment, or you can rent pretty much everything you’ll need to get started. While some items are mandatory if you want to catch some fish, other things are considered nice-to-have that aren’t really required.

  • ICE AUGER – You will need to cut a hole in the ice before you can start fishing. There are two ways to go when it comes to ice augers: a manual ice auger or a power ice auger. The manual version is cheaper, but it takes a lot of elbow grease to get going. The power version is more expensive but provides you with more time (and energy) to spend fishing without wasting hours drilling holes in the thick ice.
  • ROD/REEL/BOX – Similar to other types of fishing, you will need a rod and reel, plus a tackle box to carry everything in when you head out onto the ice. However, ice fishing rods are a bit different than your standard gear and are designed for fishing straight down through the hole. You can see some great examples of these winter fishing supplies at the NH Hole in the Wall when you come for ice fishing bait and equipment. We also have some excellent tackle box rentals that you can use if you don’t want to bring your other-season gear on the trip.
  • TIP-UPS – If you are new to New Hampshire ice fishing, this might be a term that you are not familiar with for fishing. A tip-up is a piece of equipment that allows you to fish without having to sit there and hold the line up the whole time. The arm of the tip-up will “tip,” and a flag goes up to indicate that you have a fish on the line. Some people use bells to let them know that they’ve got a fish on the line, especially if they are fishing multiple holes.
  • LURES – Live bait is preferred for New Hampshire ice fishing, but it is a good idea to add some quality lures to your winter fishing supplies. The most popular lures used in ice fishing are known as jigs, which are metal lures that can be used to catch a variety of fish, including crappie, perch, whitefish, walleye, trout, and other seasonal species. Different types of lures used with Wolfeboro ice fishing include spoons and jig heads, which feature rubber tails. Those can be used with lake trout, northern pike, and other bigger fish.
  • LIVE BAIT – When it comes time to purchasing live bait for winter fishing, speak with the local bait shop about what everyone is currently using. The best bait can vary from season to season, and some years it seems like the fish prefer one particular option over all the rest. Worms, minnows, tip-up suckers, cut bait suckers, dillies, trout worms, spike, and smelt are just some of the types of live bait that we sell at the NH Hole in the Wall.

Specialized Winter Fishing Supplies

Many of our customers contact us about bob house rentals for Wolfeboro ice fishing. Those are the little “houses” that you see out on the ice that people use to keep warm while fishing in the winter. They are great for kids, beginners, and people who might be more sensitive to the cold. An excellent choice for a first experience with New Hampshire ice fishing or for a full day out on the ice. In addition to the best ice fishing bait and equipment in the area, we also carry multi-purpose sleds, optional hitches for ATVs and snowmobiles, high compression propane ice augers and ion electric ice augers that can drill up to 1,000 inches per charge.

While making plans to come up to enjoy New Hampshire ice fishing or other types of seasonal fishing experiences, be sure to contact the NH Hole in the Wall. We can answer any questions you might have about Wolfeboro ice fishing, provide details about fishing licenses, hunting licenses, and other essential certificates, as well as offer advice about ice fishing bait and equipment. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our friendly team members about our winter fishing supplies and rentals.

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