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Wolfeboro Boat Rentals: Top Reasons Why You Should Rent a Boat

Wolfeboro Boat Rentals: Top Reasons Why You Should Rent a Boat

It used to be only businessmen or families on vacation would rent cars. However, people now rent cars all the time for weekend trips, big commutes, or just when they need a bigger car to take the whole family out for a special day. The same holds true with boat rentals. They are becoming more popular and well-known, especially for vacationers who come to places like the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee. Whether your goal is to fish, participate in water sports, go swimming, or just explore the islands and the lake, Wolfeboro boat rentals are a great way to make it happen.

The best place to get boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee is to visit your local bait and tackle shop in Wolfeboro. The NH Hole in the Wall provides a wide variety of tools and equipment that can be rented or purchased locally. Bob House rentals are even available in the winter for those who want to try their hand at ice fishing. Local tackle rentals are a great way to have all of the things you need for a fishing trip without trying to lug your tackle box through airport security. You can even make reservations for Wolfeboro boat rentals, tackle, and more online or by calling the NH Hole in the Wall direct.

What Type of Boat Do You Want?
There are lots of different types of boats available for rent at Lake Winnipesaukee. Motor boats, which can require a boat license or certificate to operate, as well as row boats, canoes, and even kayaks, can all be rented as local Wolfeboro boat rentals. You can get 13, 15, and 17 foot Boston Whalers, ranging from 25 to 90 horsepower, depending on your needs. Rentals can be done by the day, half-day, or by the week. A deposit is required and you must meet New Hampshire requirements to operate any motorboat that is over 25 HP. Make sure to ask a representative where you get your local tackle rentals about any licensing required to operate a boat or to fish in the region.

Other boats available at the NH Hole in the Wall include a 16-foot Lund Aluminum boat, which has a 25 HP and a 40 HP option. A salmon package can be added at a nominal fee, which includes downrigger rods, life jackets, and other essential additional equipment. Once again, these boat rentals at Lake Winnipesaukee can be rented by the day, half-day, or by the week. A deposit is required and if you choose the 40 HP boat, you will need to meet New Hampshire requirements to operate this vessel. Pontoon boats, a Harris float boat, classic custom Rossiter rowboats, canoes, and kayaks are all available for rent as well. Make sure to contact the NH Hole in the wall as early as possible to secure your Wolfeboro boat rentals.

Why Renting is Better Than Buying
While we do sell boats in addition to providing boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee, there are definite advantages to renting over buying. Boats are expensive to own – not just the original purchasing cost, but also the care, storage, maintenance, and dock fees. It can all add up really quick if you aren’t careful. Just like cars, boats depreciate in value. If you use your boat as a second home you can deduct the interest on it in your taxes, making it a great investment if you can afford it. Renting means never losing the value on something that has the potential to depreciate or require a lot of expensive maintenance. Insurance, storage fees, marina fees, and trailering, if applicable, can all add into the growing total of boat ownership.

Much like car rentals, renting a boat means having the opportunity to try out a lot of different makes and models. One day you could rent a fishing boat to augment your fishing trip and the next you could rent a cruising boat to explore Lake Winnipeaukee. Want to try your hand at skiing or wakeboarding? There are boats for that too. Want to row around the islands and see the natural wildlife up close? Check out the row boats, canoes, and kayaks for a totally different experience. Don’t forget about seasonal Bob House rentals and local tackle rentals in addition to Wolfeboro boat rentals.

Contact the NH Hole in the Wall for Rentals
Rentals of all sizes, types, and durations are available at the NH Hole in the Wall. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to learn more about all of our boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee or to inquire about local tackle rentals. Coming in the winter? Get your Bob House rentals reservations in early before they are gone. There is no bad time of year to come visit the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee, so make sure you take time to come see it for yourself!

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