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Wolfeboro Boat Rentals: Boating Etiquette Tips for Beginners

Wolfeboro Boat Rentals: Boating Etiquette Tips for Beginners

While there are laws and regulations in place designed to keep boaters safe while out on the water, there are other unwritten rules and lake boating tips that are designed to help boaters respect the rights of others. Traditions passed down through the generations, these unwritten lake boating tips have become a sort of boaters etiquette of sorts. If you are new to boating and will be renting a boat from local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro on your visit to Lake Winnipesaukee, it can be helpful to gain some insight into these traditional boating rules.

You probably won’t find them posted anywhere, but if you accidentally violate them, other boaters will call you out. Taking the time to learn these rules is a way of showing respect to other boaters and will help you to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings while out on the lake. It’s sort of like driving a car. There are the “rules of the road” that are enforced by local and state law, but then there are the unwritten rules of etiquette that most drivers learn after spending some time behind the wheel. Common courtesies and acknowledgements of right-of-way in certain, unregulated situations.

Wake Responsibility
Creating a big wake in a popular or busy space on the water is not cool. You are responsible for your own wake, as well as anything else that might happen by all the water you’ve churned up in the process. Speeding around an area where there are a lot of boats or boaters hanging out together can cause the wake to make the boats knock into each other. While this can cause damage to the boats, even if it doesn’t it will at least ruin someone’s good time out on the water. You could knock people into the water, cause them to drop equipment or refreshments into the lake – it’s just not a good situation. Be aware of your wake and be courteous when you operate the boat around other boats and boaters.

Passing Vessels
If you notice another boat is trying to pass you in an area where there’s room to pass, remember that you aren’t out on the speedway and just let them come alongside to make their way. Just ease off the throttle a bit and allow them to pass safely. They might have a faster boat than you or they might be in a hurry for some reason, so it’s better to just be courteous and let them make their way. This is the best move for you and your passengers, as well as other boaters in the immediate area.

Most of the lake boating tips for etiquette are all really about respect. One of the biggest irritations that new boaters can cause is being too loud for everyone else. If your boat is loud, either due to dogs barking, kids screaming or music playing, you need to know that sound carries differently on the water than it does on dry land. Have respect for your neighbors, especially in the early morning and late evening hours when someone might be resting or sleeping. The more aware you are of the noise you and your passengers are making, the easier it will be to control it before someone gets irritated with all your nonsense.

Pecking Order
Did you know that there are certain rules about using boat ramps, both for launching and retrieving your boat? Depending on where you get your local tackle rentals and Wolfeboro boat rentals, you might be launching and retrieving at a certain location with other renters or your boat might already be in the water. If you need to use the ramp, make sure you do it as efficiently as possible to avoid making other boaters have to wait. Pay attention to what’s going on so you don’t “cut in line” ahead of someone else who was waiting their turn. Make a plan in advance to get your gear together and reduce your ramp time so you won’t be that one person holding up everyone else!

Be Neat and Clean
Don’t be one of those vacationing boaters that leaves a mess behind. Keep your area neat and clean. Properly dispose of trash, don’t leave coolers lying around in the walkway, and learn how to properly stow all of your gear. Buckets, carts, and even local tackle rentals can take up a lot of space and get in everyone’s way if you don’t learn how to keep your area organized. When you come in to get gas, make sure to do what you need to do and then get out of everyone’s way. If you stop somewhere to get groceries, think about where you are tying up your boat so you aren’t blocking the flow of traffic for everyone else.

Contact the NH Hole in the Wall for Local Boat Rentals
If you are in the market for Wolfeboro boat rentals on your next visit to Lake Winnipesaukee, make sure to contact us right away at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653). We have a wide variety of boats available for rent, including canoes and rowboats, a well as motor and power boats. Local tackle rentals make it easy to enjoy the waters and get some fishing in without having to cart your gear all the way to New Hampshire. Make sure to visit our bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro for live bait and other awesome lake boating tips when you arrive!

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