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Wolfeboro Boat Rentals: 7 Tips for Lake Winnipesaukee Rentals

Wolfeboro Boat Rentals: 7 Tips for Lake Winnipesaukee Rentals

Boat Rental Lake WinnipesaukeePlanning a vacation to New Hampshire this spring or summer? You may want to look into renting a boat to enhance your stay. Whether you are into fishing or just enjoy recreation out on the lake, you can find all of the rentals and purchase options you need at the Hole in the Wall bait and tackle shop in Wolfeboro, located right on Lake Winnipesaukee. We carry a wide variety of fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, including underwater video, fish finders and more, all of which can be purchased or rented along with our selection of Wolfeboro boat rentals.

There are many advantages to renting things like Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and boats, as well as purchasing live bait in New Hampshire right where you are going to fish. Local shops know what equipment works, depending on the season, and what bait is the most popular with the local fish that you’ll find in our local lakes, rivers and streams. Being able to just rent a boat without having to tow one in from wherever you are visiting from, along with fuel costs, dock fees and other ownership or operating costs, can make for a truly carefree vacation.

Tip #1 – Rent Local
The best way to get quality Wolfeboro boat rentals without the hassle is to rent locally from a reputable Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle shop like the Hole in the Wall. Here you can get single day, multi-day rentals, along with all of the tackle, bait and fishing electronics in Wolfeboro that you might need during your trip. We even have ice fishing rentals if you decide to come in the winter.

Tip #2 – Know What You Want
Take a look at our online resources for the variety of boats that we have available for rent in our Wolfeboro boat rentals department. Choose from Boston Whalers ranging between 13 and 17 feet, 14-16 foot aluminum boats, 13-23 foot classic row boats, single kayaks, tandem kayaks, fishing kayaks, and canoes. All rentals are subject to availability, so make sure you contact us ahead of your vacation in order to get the best options for your trip.

Tip #3 – Read the Agreement
So many people just sign an agreement for their Wolfeboro boat rentals or when they rent fishing electronics in Wolfeboro on vacation, without reading the agreement. The agreement has details that you need about what you can do with the rentals, where you can take them, when they need to be returned, and whether you can extend your rental or not. If you have any questions, just call the Hole in the Wall direct, where you can purchase Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and live bait in New Hampshire.

Tip #4 – Renter’s Insurance
Ask about coverage options for Wolfeboro boat rentals or if you need to get a rider from your own personal insurance company. Any coverage should be included in the rental agreement, but if you are not sure about coverage, just make sure to ask one of our friendly employees.

Tip #5 – Check It Out
Before you sign and take off with your Wolfeboro boat rentals, whether you are getting a Boston Whaler or a kayak for fishing, make sure to inspect the boat for any dents, scratches, stains, broken or loose fittings, cracks in the windshield, or anything else that you could get charged for when you return the boat. Make sure to list any of this damage on the rental agreement before you sign it. Ensure that the employee manning the Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and live bait store in New Hampshire is aware of any defects in the boat before you leave with it.

Tip #6 – Driving Restrictions?
Make sure that you are qualified to operate the Wolfeboro boat rentals that you are renting. Massachusetts does have boat operator laws and requirements. Ask about age restrictions and whether or not a safety course needs to be taken before you can legally operate the boat while out on Lake Winnipesaukee. Check on any licensing requirements for fishing, boating or anything else you will be doing while here in New Hampshire on vacation.

Tip #7 – Safety Equipment
Don’t forget to ask about safety equipment, such as life jackets for you and all of your passengers, as well as other types of fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, radios, first aid kits, and anything else you might need while out on the water during your Wolfeboro boat rental period.

Visit Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro
So if you are planning a vacation in the local area this spring or summer, make sure to stop in for some Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and live bait in New Hampshire at the Hole in the Wall bait and tackle shop on Main Street in Wolfeboro. Our employees can help you with local Wolfeboro boat rentals, fishing electronics, custom rods and reels, local fishing tackle and a variety of live bait that will help you to have a successful vacation out on the lake. Ask about our Wolfeboro boat rentals, including canoes and kayaks, to see what you need to do to reserve one for your New Hampshire vacation.

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