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Winter Fishing Tips, Supplies and Rentals for Wolfeboro, NH

Winter Fishing Tips, Supplies and Rentals for Wolfeboro, NH

Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing TripWith the announcement of “ice in” at the beginning of January on Lake Winnipesaukee, ice fishing in Wolfeboro is officially in full swing. Anglers from all across the country are flocking to New Hampshire to try their hand at ice fishing. Bob house rentals and winter fishing supplies are available at the NH Hole in the Wall on Main Street in Wolfeboro. We also have all of the local bait, tackle, and other Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies you could ever need to have a successful day out on the ice.

Ice Fishing in New Hampshire

It is important to understand the terminology and rules regarding ice fishing in New England. The term “ice in” designates when ice fishing begins, describing the point when the ice is thick and safe enough for fishing. The “ice in” season can begin anywhere from late December to February and can last as long as mid-April. New Hampshire lakes, especially lakes like Lake Winnipesaukee, support mostly warm water fish populations. Some of the species available include perch, black crappie, pickerel, and bass. Others include trout and landlocked salmon. However, there are distinct rules about catching these species through the ice.

When ice fishing, it pays to know the local laws. On most New Hampshire waters, the general rule is six ice fishing traps or lines per person. However, if you are fishing in lake trout and salmon lakes, which includes Lake Winnipesaukee, you are only allowed to have two traps or lines per person while ice fishing. If you are planning on coming up to go ice fishing in Wolfeboro, make sure to contact the NH Hole in the Wall ahead of your visit. We can secure Bob house rentals and other winter fishing supplies for you in advance. Things get busy in the northeastern states as soon as the waters freeze over, bringing in ice fishermen from all over the world. Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies, bait, and other essentials are available at our bait and tackle store on Main Street.

Fishing for Black Crappie

One fish species that is available in Lake Winnipesaukee is the black crappie. A non-native species, the black crappie was recently introduced into New Hampshire waters. Typically found in quiet, weedy areas of the lake, this species has quickly become an important panfish for locals and visitors alike. The most successful approach to catching this fish is to use small jigs through the ice in the winter or out in the open water when the lake thaws. The current state record for black crappie in New Hampshire is 17.25 inches in length and 2 pounds, 12.8 ounces taken from the Bellamy Reservoir in Madbury.

The native range of this fish is pretty far away from Lake Winnipesaukee. Found down in the Mississippi River, the Great Lakes, and along the coastal watersheds of the Atlantic just south of Maryland, the black crappie was first reported in New Hampshire in 1938. According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, black crappie was originally stocked in 20 bodies of water between 1990 – 2002. However, they can now be found in over 100 bodies of water in the state, due to illegal fish transfers. Commonly confused with rock bass, the black crappie is typically found in small schools near underwater covers, such as fall trees, boulders, or vegetation.

NH Fishing Licenses at The Hole in the Wall

It is important to know that a fishing license is required in the state of New Hampshire for any persons over the age of 16. Freshwater fishing licenses can be obtained at the NH Hole in the Wall. When you come in to get your supplies for ice fishing in Wolfeboro, you can get your license taken care of at our store. We are authorized to provide fishing licenses for adults, seniors (resident only option), as well as one-day, three-day, and seven-day fishing licenses for visitors.

We carry a wide variety of winter fishing supplies and sporting goods. If you require Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies for your trip, make sure to stop by our store. We even have Bob house rentals and other important rental opportunities to make your ice fishing trip to New Hampshire a success. If you want information about “ice in” and “ice out” for Lake Winnipesaukee, feel free to give us a call. You can reach us at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our friendly team members. We can answer any questions that you might have about fishing in New Hampshire and help you secure rental options for any of the equipment that we provide.

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