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Winter Fishing in New England: New Hampshire Ice Fishing Tips

Winter Fishing in New England: New Hampshire Ice Fishing Tips

new-hampshire-ice-fishingOne of the most dangerous and exciting types of fishing in the world is ice fishing. If you are interested in learning more about New Hampshire ice fishing, make sure to follow all of the safety steps and take advice from locals who are experienced with this method of fishing. It is also important to get all of the proper winter fishing supplies and learn about the types of custom fishing rods and reels that are most successful with this type of fishing. Also, check out the local live bait and fishing tackle in New Hampshire to make sure that you are using the right gear when out on the ice.

The recommended depth for walking across frozen water is four inches. Unfortunately, many fishermen will take the risk and go out to do ice fishing when it is less than that. This is highly dangerous and is not recommended. There are many situations that can occur, such as spans of ice breaking off or thin spots that are not immediately visible from the shore. Whenever you go out to explore New Hampshire ice fishing, make sure to bring a fully charged cellphone so you can make contact with rescue crews if something goes wrong. You should fish with a friend, but if you must go it alone, at least tell someone when you are going and when you should return.

Strategies for Ice Fishing in New Hampshire
It is always important to collect as many tips and strategies for New Hampshire ice fishing as you can get from the local fishermen. After all, they are experienced in what it takes to be successful out on the ice and, if they are still with us, obviously they know a thing or two about safety after all those years of fishing. Don’t be afraid to ask the staff at the local store for live bait and fishing tackle in New Hampshire when you stop in to get your winter fishing supplies. They will be likely to share some of their own personal experiences and suggestions to help you have a successful day of fishing.

  • Know Your Depths – During the winter months, most of the local cold water fish will stay at a specific depth in order to achieve their preferred, optimum temperature. Knowing what range each type of fish that is prevalent in the lake, pond or stream that you are fishing in will help you to properly gauge the depth. Today you can do research online to find out what depth a particular species prefers and then you can talk with the locals to find out about water depths in the particular body of water that you are fishing.
  • Take It Slow – Just as people slow down in the winter months, the fish do too. They are careful not to waste any energy by moving quickly when the water gets cold. If you move your bait around or pull your line too quickly, the fish might just let go and give up. New Hampshire ice fishing is very different from fishing other times of the year. It is important to be patient and take it slow. The fish will grab that bait when he is good and ready.
  • Fish are Smart – Well, not too smart, but they have been known to avoid ice holes because they recognize that the light penetrating through the surface means that something is up. You can cover the hole with some ice shavings to prevent the light from getting through, while still giving you the flexibility to yank the fish up when the time is right. On the other hand, there are some fish that will come to the light, so again it is best to ask the locals.
  • Bottom Feeders – Some fish that aren’t always bottom feeders will become bottom feeders in the winter months. For example, perch and bluegill are known to feed off the bottom in the winter. If you can bounce your bait off the lake floor and stir up some of the debris, this is a great way to attract fish to your fishing hole even from a distance away.
  • Chumming – Not just for sharks! When ice fishing, sometimes setting up a bit of chum in the ice hold is a great way to attract fish. Fish still take it slower in the cold water than they do in the summer, but if they see other fish feeding, more will come. You can grind up minnows and use wax worms in addition to recommended local live bait to really attract some attention.

Where to Get Fishing Tackle in New Hampshire
If you are in the Wolfeboro and Lake Winnipesaukee area of New Hampshire, come and visit Hole in the Wall for all of your custom fishing rods and reels, live bait, lures and other winter fishing supplies. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our store to see all of our ice fishing rentals, equipment for sale and to ask about our Bob House rentals.

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