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Winter Bait: Tips for Lures and Live Bait in New Hampshire

Winter Bait: Tips for Lures and Live Bait in New Hampshire

winter-bait-luresWelcome to the disgusting world of popular winter bait that is used by ice fisherman here in New Hampshire and all throughout the northeast. In addition to salmon lures and flys, there are some pretty interesting characters available with regard to live bait found at the local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro. While most people might think about earthworms for fishing, they aren’t really practical for ice fishing or other types of winter fishing opportunities. Instead, some pretty unusual and creepy looking creatures are on the menu for the fish that are popular here at Lake Winnipesauke and the surrounding area.

What to Put on the Hook
Live shiners are a popular choice at local Wolfeboro bait stores, but there are some fishermen who swear by non-live bait options, such as salmon lures and flys. However, there is a growing interest in things like mealworms and maggots, because the local fishermen will tell you that they definitely attract the fish. Winter fishermen are a bit different thank the folks you see out leisurely fishing in the warmer months.

Think about it: they are out there in the wicked, freezing-cold weather of the north with the solitary goal of catching fish. As a result, they are willing to try virtually anything just to get one on their hook. While you won’t find all of the live bait listed below at the local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro or even see it used locally, it is interesting to see what some fishermen swear by for successful ice fishing.

Some of the more interesting choices selected by ice fishermen include:

  • WAX WORMS – A very interesting creature to say the least, you can find wax worms in pet stores as food for reptiles. Also known as waxies, they are actually bee moth larvae, harvested from abandoned beehives. Ranging between a half inch to a full inch in length, these creepy crawlies have brown heads and creamy colored bodies.
  • MAGGOTS – Nope, that is not a mistake. Fishermen have been using maggots, specifically housefly or blowfly maggots, for many years. Also known as “spikes” or “silver wigglers,” they are smaller than the wax worms but they are a bit tougher. Some fishermen put several on a hook to create more movement for the fish.
  • GRUBS – Rarely seen as live bait in New Hampshire at bait and tackle stores, grubs are usually harvested by determined fishermen in the fall and stored until they are needed for winter fishing. They live inside the galls on the stems of goldenrod plants, so if you have some near you, you just might have access to a popular ice fishing bait for free.

If you don’t want to go with the live bait options sold at Wolfeboro bait stores and recommended by local fishermen, you can always go with lures. Stop in at the local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro and find out what’s popular with salmon lures and flys.

What’s Available at Hole in the Wall
While the availability of some types of bait will change with supply and demand, you can always find the live bait in New Hampshire that you need for ice fishing out on the lake at Hole in the Wall on Main Street. If you are looking for live bait at Wolfeboro bait stores, look no further than Hole in the Wall for all of your bait and tackle needs.

Currently, for the 2016 winter season you can find the following at Hole in the Wall:

  • minnows, which is more of a size of fish rather than a specific species
  • tip up suckers, which are minnows that are used for tip up fishing
  • cut bait suckers, minnows that are cut up to be used in chunks for fishing
  • Canadian crawlers, fat and juicy nightcrawlers good for winter fishing
  • dillies, which are smaller and younger nightcrawlers
  • trout worms, which are known as the only true earthworm suitable for ice fishing, as they stay alive even after long submersion in the icy water

Stop by Hole in the Wall to see our full stock of live winter bait, salmon lures and flies, tackle options and ice fishing equipment rentals. If you are looking for convenient bait and tackle stores that have everything you need in the way of live bait in New Hampshire, look no further than Hole in the Wall. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location on Main Street in Wolfeboro on Lake Winnipesaukee.

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