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Why You Would Be Crazy Not to Get Boat Rentals In Wolfeboro

Why You Would Be Crazy Not to Get Boat Rentals In Wolfeboro

Boat Rentals in WolfeboroIf you have always wanted to take a trip up to New Hampshire to see the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee in person, you would be crazy not to get boat rentals in Wolfeboro. Whether your goal is to get out on the water to go fishing, explore the shoreline and islands, or participate in recreational water sports, you definitely need a boat. Boat rentals in Wolfeboro can be obtained at the NH Hole in the Wall, a local fishing bait and tackle shop that has just about everything you could ever need to enjoy your time out on the lake. From boat rentals and sales to sporting equipment and licensing opportunities, fishing tackle rentals, and live bait, our friendly and knowledgeable employees can help you maximize your trip to beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee.

Motor Boat Rentals

If you have prior experience with motor-powered boats, you might want to try your hand at our motor boat rentals at the NH Hole in the Wall. In New Hampshire, you only need a boating safety certificate to operate vessels that have more than 25 horsepower (HP). Authorities also accept a boating certificate that was issued by the US Power Squadron, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, or by another State agency that is NASBLA-approved. Any unexpired commercial boating licenses issued by the State of New Hampshire or the US Coast Guard are also accepted. However, if you want to operate a boat that is 25 HP or less, you won’t need to have any certification.

Our motor boats that fall in the “Over 25 HP” category include:

  • 15-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport (SS) – 60 HP
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum Boat – 40 HP
  • 16.5-foot Lund Aluminum Rebel XS – 75 HP
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum Tiller – 30 HP

Our New Hampshire boat rentals that fall in the “25 HP and under” category include:

  • 13-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport (SS) – 25 HP
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum SS – 25 HP
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum SS (Salmon Package Option) – 25 HP

Classic Custom Rossiter Row Boats

In addition to motor boats, our boat rentals in Wolfeboro also include a variety of Classic Custom Rossiter row boats, which can be used by anyone. We have a 13-foot Classic Crew row boat and a 17-foot Classic Crew row boat, both of which can be rented by the half-day, day, or week. Please call our store for details to reserve your Rossiter row boat ahead of your visit, especially during the peak visitor season.

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks

Another option for those who do not want a motorized boat rental from our Wolfeboro bait stores includes our Old Town canoes and kayak rentals, which are also available to rent by the half-day, full day, or weekly. Choose from 12-foot and 17-foot Old Town Discovery canoes and 10-foot, 12-foot, and 13-foot variations for kayak rentals. We also have Kypad paddleboard rentals available for fun and exciting recreational water sports.

Why Choose New Hampshire Boat Rentals

While you can drive your car around the outer area of the lake, the best way to see Lake Winnipesaukee is to get out on the water. You will see some pretty spectacular views and scenery that you would likely miss otherwise. Even if you don’t come for fishing or other recreational water sports, boating on the lake can be a pretty fantastic experience. Motor boats, row boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards and just some of the ways that you can enjoy these beautiful waters. New Hampshire boat rentals through the NH Hole in the Wall makes it easy for you to get all of the benefits of having a boat without all of the work, hassle, and expense of boat ownership.

Just remember that there is a limited availability on all boat rentals in Wolfeboro, particularly in the busy vacation season. You can ensure that a boat will be available by reserving rentals for a motor boat, row boat, canoe, kayak, or paddleboard ahead of your visit. Contact our team by calling 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or use our online reservation form. We can answer any questions that you might have about New Hampshire boat rentals, licensing requirements, recreational water sports equipment, and anything else that we provide at our Wolfeboro bait stores. Call today and make sure that you have the opportunity to get out and explore the beautiful waters of Lake Winnipesaukee.

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