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Why You Should Rent Ice Fishing Equipment in New Hampshire

Why You Should Rent Ice Fishing Equipment in New Hampshire

Ice Fishing Rentals in WolfeboroThinking about making your way up to Lake Winnipesaukee to do some ice fishing this year? There are lots of reasons to come to Wolfeboro for some traditional New Hampshire ice fishing. From the excellent opportunities that abound in the area to the annual ice fishing derby, there are a lot of incentives to choose this part of New England for your ice fishing adventure. Whether you are experienced in ice fishing or if this is your very first time, you can take advantage of all the options in this region, including Bob house rentals, fishing tackle rentals and much more.

New to Ice Fishing?
If you have never gone ice fishing before and don’t have any equipment of your own, it can really pay to rent your ice fishing equipment when you come to town. Why invest in purchasing all of the equipment if you might not ever do it again? Visitors to New Hampshire for ice fishing from southern states aren’t very likely to go ice fishing at home. The Hole in the Wall has all of the fishing tackle rentals you could ever need to have a successful experience at Lake Winnipesaukee. You can rent it all, from rigs to augers and everything in between.

Bringing Friends and Family?
So maybe this isn’t your first time out on the ice, but you brought along some friends or promised the kids that next time they would get to go ice fishing too. While you likely won’t need to rent an auger if you already have one and remembered to bring it, you will want to get some fishing tackle rentals for everyone else. Other types of ice fishing equipment, such as chairs or even Bob House rentals can also be obtained at The Hole in the Wall, to help make the New Hampshire ice fishing experience even more fun for everyone.

Want to Try Something New?
You already have ice fishing equipment, but you’ve heard that we have some unique ideas here at Lake Winnipesaukee that you want to try. Check out our large selection of tip-ups, which includes the Ice Eagle, Electronic Polar, Grand Master Wood, Eagle Claw, as well as parallel and original tip-ups, too. We even have a wide array of ice fishing line, ice skimmers, ice jig boxes and hand warmers, some of which you might not have seen before. Many are available for rental in addition to purchase, so you can try before you buy.

Want to Travel Light?
Another great reason to rent ice fishing equipment is so that you can travel light. Chances are that if you are from outside the New England region, you’re flying. With the airlines charging for bags now, who wants to try to bring some specialty ice fishing gear on board? Instead, many fishermen who come from out-of-state get fishing tackle rentals while they are here. Because New Hampshire ice fishing is so popular and the window for ice fishing is so precise, you will want to call The Hole in the Wall ahead of time to reserve some equipment.

Extra Equipment to Rent at The Hole in the Wall
In addition to fishing tackle rentals, there are other types of ice fishing equipment that you can rent for your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee. Bob House rentals are extremely popular and limited in number, so it pays to call ahead of time to make sure we have something available. Sleds are also a great tool for ice fishing. They can be used for transporting all of your gear out to the ice fishing spot. However, they are also used by other visitors to the area, including hunters, so be sure to make a reservation as far in advance as you can.

Sleds are used for ice fishing, transporting gear, hunting deer, holding traps and decoys, plus a whole lot of other multi-purpose uses. You can even get an optional hitch to use them with ATVs or snowmobiles for increased function. It is a quick connection that doesn’t require the use of any clips or pins. Our sleds have a hull that is specially contoured to all for easy hand-pulling using the included tow rope. Ice Augers come in a couple of varieties. Most people have the manual variety, but if you want to try out one of our high-compression propane ice augers, our New Hampshire ice fishing rentals are a great way to give it a whirl.

Visit The Hole in the Wall
If you are planning a trip to New Hampshire for ice fishing, make sure to contact our team at The Hole in the Wall for information on fishing tackle rentals, Bob House rentals and other types of ice fishing equipment for sale. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location on North Main Street in Wolfeboro.

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