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Why People Come from All Over for Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro

Why People Come from All Over for Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro

Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro, New HampshireIf you have never tried your hand at ice fishing, you might wonder why people come from all over the country and around the globe to visit New Hampshire for winter ice fishing. The weather is freezing, and it can take hours to get just one bite, but the attraction is more than “just fishing,” and a lot of that has to do with the activities surrounding the sport. Winter fishing supplies can be rented or purchased along with bob house rentals and just about anything else you might need for ice fishing in Wolfeboro at the NH Hole in the Wall. We carry an extensive array of ice fishing tackle and equipment so you can just decide one day to jump in and do it without having any start-up gear of your own. Make sure to call or stop by when you’re in Wolfeboro or browse our website for an idea of all the things we carry so you’ll be prepared when you arrive in New Hampshire.

Do I Need a Fishing License for Ice Fishing?

The New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game does not close down for the winter, so yes, you will definitely need a fishing license to go fishing out on the ice. In fact, the Department of Fish and Game frequently checks for licensing and officiates our most famous ice fishing derby each year. You can get a fishing license along with your other winter fishing supplies at the NH Hole in the Wall. We provide a wide range of licenses for fishing and hunting right here at Lake Winnipesaukee and for the entire state of New Hampshire.

Why is Ice Fishing a “Thing” for So Many?

If you ask someone who enjoys fishing during any time of the year, one of the most popular attractions to the sport is the peace and quiet that comes from being out on the lake. Depending on where you go, it can be even more peaceful and quiet during the winter. Just being out there and enjoying nature in all of its frozen glory is more than enough reason for some. For others, it’s just a great opportunity to get outdoors after being snowed in for much of the winter season. It’s not the same thing as fishing during the spring, summer or fall months, ice fishing in Wolfeboro is really a very unique sport all of its own.

What Type of Gear Should I Bring?

If you need ice fishing tackle and other winter fishing supplies, just stop by the NH Hole in the Wall and we can help get you outfitted with everything you need. You’ll need proper ice fishing rods and ice fishing line, ice skimmers and free-standing rod holders. You will also benefit greatly from multi-purpose sleds, which can haul all of your gear and connect easily to ATVs or snowmobiles for even easier transportation. Ice augers are a must if you are going to drill a good hole in the frozen lake. We have high compression propane ice augers, ion electric ice augers, and manual hand augers to help get you started.

What is a Bob House? Do I Need One?

A “bob house” is a small ice fishing shack out on the frozen lake that provides shelter from the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures while ice fishing in Wolfeboro. The NH Hole in the Wall has a variety of bob house rentals available that you can use during your visit. While some believe that you should only ice fish without shelter, if you have small children or are not acclimated to the temperatures here, it can be a welcome retreat from the cold. You can call ahead to reserve bob house rentals, which is always recommended, especially during busy derby fishing tournaments and other limited fishing periods. Ice fishing is only available for a brief window of time when the lake is frozen thick enough to support it, so you can imagine that all of these rentals can go very fast.

Visit the NH Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro

Whenever you make it up to New Hampshire to enjoy the fishing, make sure to stop by our store for all of the seasonal options for winter fishing supplies. In addition to ice fishing in Wolfeboro and bob house rentals, we also have year-round fishing tackle, boat rentals, and supplies. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our store on North Main Street in Wolfeboro. Our team of friendly and knowledgable locals can answer any questions that you might have about ice fishing tackle, local bait, and the best spots on Lake Winnipesaukee to explore or go fishing. Hope to see you here soon!

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