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Which Boat Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee are Right for You?

Which Boat Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee are Right for You?

lake winnipesaukee boat rentalsThere are a few reasons why people will choose to rent a boat instead of buy. One, as a means of enjoying recreational water sports or fishing while on vacation; and two, because they are trying to decide what type of boat they want. Another reason is cost, which can be prohibitive to many. There are thousands of different styles and sizes of boats to choose from today, which can make the concept of purchasing or even getting boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee even more challenging.

What to Expect: Wolfeboro Boat Rentals

If you decide to rent a boat when you visit Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, be prepared to make a reservation to secure a rental in advance. It is advised to study safe boating tips in Wolfeboro before you come to the lake, even if you do not rent a vessel that requires a boating safety certificate by law. In New Hampshire, you must have a certificate to operate a boat that has more than a 25 horsepower (HP) engine. Anything else, such as a smaller engine motorboat or people-powered vessel, including rowboats, canoes, and kayaks, does not require a certificate.

Before you commit to boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee, make sure to think about what it is that you want to do out on the water. If you want to participate in tubing, which is the act of pulling an innertube or another flotation device behind a motorboat on a rope, you will want to rent a motorized vessel. Wolfeboro boat rentals at the NH Hole in the Wall include a wide range of motorboats, including a variety of Boston Whaler and Lund Aluminum boats. The Lund motorboats are perfect for fishing, exploring, and visiting the lake’s 250+ islands. The Boston Whaler is the ultimate vessel for tubing, water skiing, and other recreational water sports.

Quality Boats and Lots of Gear

One of the reasons why people come to the NH Hole in the Wall for boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee is that we have a lot of options. Choose from a wide range of rentals, including motorboats, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and fishing equipment. We even have ice fishing equipment available, including bob house rentals, for winter fishing trips. Anything you might need to enjoy the lake, including accessories for recreational water sports and safety gear, can be obtained at the NH Hole in the Wall on Main Street in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Our brand name vessels are quite popular and designed to provide the quintessential New England boating experience. From our Rossiter Classic Crew rowboats to Old Town canoes and kayaks, our customers appreciate the variety that we provide to help them get out on the water and take advantage of everything that Lake Winnipesaukee has to offer. Our Aluminum Lund boats range from 25 HP varieties on up to the Lund Rebel XS 75 HP model for an exciting day out on the water. Choose from day, half-day, or weekly rentals that can be secured online in advance of your visit. Make sure you receive a confirmation back from our team to ensure that your reservation has been made.

Safe Boating Tips in Wolfeboro

Beyond the basic boating safety certificate course, there are other things that you should know about boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee. Make sure to bring everything you will need to have a safe and memorable day out on the water. Hats and sunglasses, bathing suits, towels, boat-safe shoes, and a change of clothes are highly recommended. Sunscreen and enough water for each passenger, along with the proper safety gear and flotation devices are also a must. Fishing rods and bait for those who want to go fishing, and recreational water sports gear for those who come to play.

Rules of the water should be adhered to carefully to avoid potential issues. Check all local laws and restrictions for the lake and the State of New Hampshire to make sure you don’t accidentally violate any regulations. The United States Coast Guard regulations are enforced nationwide, but there are often local restrictions as well that must be adhered to and learned. While most places that offer Wolfeboro boat rentals will provide you with a list of basic guidelines, don’t rely on the rental company – make sure to learn the rules ahead of your visit and be courteous to other boats out on the water.

Are you looking for boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee? Contact the NH Hole in the Wall by calling 603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our agents. We can answer any questions you might have about Wolfeboro boat rentals and products for recreational water sports, as well as details on getting a New Hampshire fishing license and approved gear. Call today and start planning your trip to the Lakes Region so you can spend more time having fun when you arrive!

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