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What You Need to Know: Lake Winnipesaukee Motor Boat Rentals

What You Need to Know: Lake Winnipesaukee Motor Boat Rentals

Motor Boat Rentals on Lake WinnipesaukeeIf you have never rented a boat before but are excited to try one out this year during your visit to Lake Winnipesaukee, check out these tried and true tips that will help you prepare for fun. Boat rentals in Wolfeboro can be obtained through the NH Hole in the Wall. It is important to understand the laws and regulations regarding the use of New Hampshire boat rentals, including when a boating safety certificate is required. The more you can do to prepare for your trip ahead of time, the faster you will be able to just get out on the water. Stop by our local Wolfeboro bait stores for everything you need to explore and enjoy the lake, including live bait, fishing licenses, recreational water sports equipment, and Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle.

Rent a Boat You Can Handle

If you have never operated a boat before or it has been many years since you’ve gone boating, you might want to think about the size and type of boat rentals in Wolfeboro that you get. Human-powered boats are available, including row boats, canoes, kayaks, and Kypad paddleboards, depending on your needs. These are great for fishing, exploring the islands, and shorelines, or just having a fun and recreational day out on the water. We also have motor boats that are 25 horsepower (HP) or less, which is good to know because New Hampshire law requires a boating safety certificate to operate a boat that has more than 25 HP on our local waters. If you want a faster motor boat for your trip, make sure to visit the New Hampshire Department of Safety website for details on the Boating Education Program and options for certificates issued in other states.

Some of the boats that we have available for rent include:

  • 13-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport (25 HP)
  • 15-foot Boston Whaler Super Sport (60 HP)
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum Super Sport (25 HP) with optional Salmon Package
  • 16-foot Lund Aluminum Super Sport (40 HP)
  • 16.5-foot Lund Rebel XS (75 HP)
  • 16-foot Lund Tiller (30 HP)
  • Classic Custom Rossiter Row Boats – 13 and 17-foot models
  • Old Town Discovery Canoes – 12 and 17-foot models
  • Kayaks – a variety of sizes and types
  • Kypads – paddleboards

Consider a Safety Course Anyway

Even if you aren’t getting New Hampshire boat rentals that are more than 25 HP, consider taking the Boating Education Program at home or here in New England when you arrive. The more you can learn about boating safety, the better it will be for you and all of your passengers. Whether you travel with family or friends, the safety and well-being of everyone in your group should be a top priority. There are even online boating courses that you can take and videos you can watch that will provide you with insight into the safe operation of all types of boat rentals in Wolfeboro.

Do More Than Just Boating

While getting out and seeing the sights is more than enough of an adventure for most people, make sure to consider other recreational activities during your visit. Water skiing, tubing, and wakeboarding are all popular sports, but so is fishing. Visit our Wolfeboro bait stores to take a look at all of the Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle available. You can rent gear, purchase custom rods and reels, or just pick up some bait for a day out on the lake. We have everything you need right here at the NH Hole in the Wall to help you make the most out of your vacation.

Learn What to Pack

You will want to bring some essentials for your day out on the water. Consider a backpack for personal items, such as a change of clothing (in case you fall in), sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, aloe, water bottles, high-energy snacks, and a basic first aid kit. A cooler with additional food and beverages is always welcome for an all-day or even half-day excursion, so make sure to plan accordingly. It does get cool in the evenings, so perhaps a sweatshirt or jacket would also be good to pack, as well as a swimsuit and towel if you think you’ll stop off for a swim. Think about the time of year, as you will want different things in spring than you would in fall or summer than you would in winter.

Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to secure New Hampshire boat rentals ahead of your trip or to speak with one of our team members at our popular Wolfeboro bait stores. The more planning you can do in advance, the more time you will have just to relax and have fun when you arrive.

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