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What You Need to Know About Boat Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee

What You Need to Know About Boat Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee

Boat Rentals on Lake WinnipesaukeeIf you don’t own a boat but want to get out on the water the next time you head up to New Hampshire, make sure to check out the local tackle rentals and boat rentals at the NH Hole in the Wall. We are well-known for our fishing tackle rentals, live bait, and other essential equipment, but we also have a wide range of boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee that will help you to enjoy your visit to the Lakes Region. Boating safety in New Hampshire is something that we all take seriously, so it pays to take some time to learn the laws, regulations, and recommendations before getting out on a boat.

Boating Safety Course Requirements

If you are age 16 or older and are going to operate a motorboat that has more than 25 horsepower, you will need to have a New Hampshire Boating Safety Course Certificate. There are a few exceptions, such as a certification that comes from an authorized entity, such as the US Coast Guard. You can see the full list of requirements, information, and exceptions on the website for the New Hampshire Department of Fish & Game.

Even if you plan on renting a rowboat, canoe, kayak, or a vessel that has 25 horsepower or less, you should still consider at least taking the online safety course. It has lots of helpful information that you can use to your advantage to keep yourself and everyone on board safe and secure while out on the lake. Whether you will be using boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee for fishing, sight-seeing, recreational sports, or simply to travel across the 71 square mile lake, safety should always be a top priority.

The Rules of the Water

The type of boat that you choose to rent will determine how many of the “rules of the water” will apply to you. However, many rules are simple common sense and courtesy. They are not enforced by law enforcement agents, but when they are followed, it leads to a better day for everyone involved. If you have any questions about specific rules or courtesies observed out on Lake Winnipesaukee, make sure to ask when you come in to get your boat and local tackle rentals at the NH Hole in the Wall. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about boating safety in New Hampshire and hook you up with information about the boating safety certificate if it is needed.

Freshwater fishing licenses are also needed if you are going to go fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee. We can help you with a variety of licensing at the NH Hole in the Wall, including 1-day, 3-day, and 7-day freshwater fishing licenses, as well as combination license options. Recreational saltwater, combination fishing and hunting, senior licensing, small game hunting, archery, special deer archery, pheasant, bear, turkey, and migratory waterfowl are just some of the licenses that we make available to our customers. We can even hook you up with OHRV registrations for snowmobiles, ATVs, two-wheel trail bikes, and transfer or replacement registrations.

Types of Boats Available

At the NH Hole in the Wall, we have a wide range of boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee for you to choose from during your visit. We have a selection of non-motorized boats, such as rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. We also have motorized boats, which range from Lund Aluminum boats to Boston Whalers in a variety of horsepower options. For those new to boat rentals, our vessels can be rented by the half-day, day, or week, depending on your needs. A deposit is required for all rentals and safety gear is available for every person who will be riding on the boat with you.

In addition to boat rentals, we also have local fishing tackle rentals that you can use to completely outfit your boat to be prepared for an impromptu fishing experience. So whether you are new to boating, fishing, or any other recreational activity, you can count on the NH Hole in the Wall to have all of the gear, equipment, live bait, and rentals necessary to make your trip a success. If you are interested in learning more about our local tackle rentals or boating safety in New Hampshire, give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653). One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members can answer your questions or help you reserve boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee for your upcoming trip.

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