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We’ve Got It All at Hole in the Wall: Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro

We’ve Got It All at Hole in the Wall: Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro

Whether you are planning your first trip or if you come for Lake Winnipesaukee ice fishing every year, the best thing you can do is to prepare for every eventuality when you are out on the ice. Ice fishing in Wolfeboro is an exciting challenge, but the gear that you bring and the preparation that you do before getting out on the ice will make a big difference in the outcome. Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies are available locally for those who decide to try it during a winter visit to New Hampshire. However, if you want to do it right, take time to contact NH Hole in the Wall for everything from Bob House rentals to live bait information to help make your experience even more enjoyable.

Stuff to Catch Some Fish

The first type of gear that we are going to talk about are the items you need to actually pull some fish up through the ice. If you have done other types of fishing, you have likely used a rod, reel, line, hook, and bait to catch a fish. The principle is the same with ice fishing, except the pole is much shorter, and the rigging is a bit different. Ice fishing rods are small, somewhere between two and three feet in length. This shorter length provides a considerable advantage, increasing the force necessary to pull a big fish out of a tiny ice hole. The right rod and reel set, along with the proper fishing line, can make a big difference in the outcome.

The reel that you will use is also more compact than the average fishing reel with a small winding radius. Ask about the best types of reels when you visit our store for Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies. Ice fishing line, which can be purchased specifically for Lake Winnipesaukee ice fishing at the NH Hole in the Wall is designed to stand up to the freezing water and sharp ice around the hole. If you were to use regular line, the chances are good that your line would snap when trying to pull in a large game fish. Your line could snap due to the cold weather or from snagging along the jagged edge of the ice. However, ice fishing line is braided and, in some cases, can even be treated with special applications to prevent freezing.

The Ice Fishing Tackle Box

Again, much different from what you’re used to with traditional fishing from a boat or bank, the ice fishing tackle box will have some unique tools that you won’t find in the average kit. You will need something to carry all of your gear, including hooks, weights, and lures. Choose a box that will be easy to carry across the ice. While you might use a sled or another piece of equipment to get all your gear out to the Bob House rentals, you will still be lugging your tackle around on the ice as you try different areas on the lake. Make sure it’s not too heavy, but that it has everything you need to have a great day out on the ice.

Lures should be selected based upon the fish that you are trying to catch. You can get local live bait at the NH Hole in the Wall when you come in for Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies and rentals. Make sure to speak with our staff to find out what the fish are currently biting on and ask for recommendations regarding lures. If you don’t want to mess with the live bait, a lot of locals use jigs, spoons, and other lures that are designed to attract the specific type of fish that you are looking for on the lake. Take all the advice you can get and pack it all up, so everything you need is easily accessible.

Essential Ice Fishing Gear

If you don’t have a hole in the ice, you can’t fish. While some areas will have pre-drilled holes that have been abandoned, especially if you get Bob House rentals, others will require the holes to be drilled. An ice auger is a tool that is used to create the hole necessary for fishing through the ice. Manual augers are best for beginners. If you have some experience, motorized augers are available in either gas or electric. However, caution is necessary if you don’t know what you’re doing and it can be quite dangerous. Consider using a manual auger if this is your first time doing Lake Winnipesaukee ice fishing.

Warm clothing is perhaps one of the most critical types of gear that you can have when ice fishing in Wolfeboro. Ice boots and clothing that wicks away moisture underneath with something much warmer, such as wool sweaters and coverings, will be your best friends. Your boots need to have a very thick rubber sole to keep your feet as far away from the ice as possible. Spiked sole boots can help increase traction and stability on the ice. A good pair of gloves is great, but a couple of pair of extra gloves is even better. A very warm winter jacket designed for extreme temperatures is highly recommended.

Visit the NH Hole in the Wall

We have all of the Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies you need to have a great time out on the ice. Ice fishing line, shelter anchors, ice jig boxes, retractable safety picks, hand warmers, fish scalers, and a variety of jigs and tip-ups designed to help you maximize your catches are all available at our Wolfeboro bait and tackle shop on North Main. Stop by to get your Bob House rentals and to see all of the other essential equipment we have in our store. Call today at 1-603-569- HOLE (4653) to learn more about ice fishing season in New Hampshire or to reserve rentals in advance of your visit.

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