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Tips & Tricks for New Anglers: Fishing Tackle in New Hampshire

Tips & Tricks for New Anglers: Fishing Tackle in New Hampshire

new-hampshire-tackleThere are lots of reasons why fishermen in the northern states go ice fishing. Some do it to put food on the table, while others do it for sport. Young and old people gather together and go ice fishing as a social activity. Still, there are some who come to New England just to try their hand at ice fishing for the first time as part of a tourist adventure. Whatever your reason for wanting to try ice fishing, make sure to get all of the Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle, live bait and supplies at at local bait and tackle shop when you arrive.

One of the great things about this area is that they have ice fishing equipment available for rent. Bob Houses, which are the little shacks that you see out on the ice for fishing in really cold weather and wind, as well as local tackle rentals for everything from the fishing rods themselves to the sleds, kits and more. Fishing tackle in New Hampshire for ice fishing is likely very different from what you use to fish at home. Rather than invest in ice fishing equipment that you might not use again, it is worth it to rent tackle when you’re in town.

Ice Fishing Season
The range of time when ice fishing occurs is different each year. It begins about the same time of years as the days get short, around mid-December. It goes on until the world starts to thaw again, well before the first buds of spring arrive. It involves drilling holes into the hard ice and a lot of patience. Depending on how, where and when you do it, ice fishing can be rather labor intensive.

It is possible to rent a Bob House and local tackle rentals over a space that has already been drilled, which reduces some of the work that you must do to get through the ice to the fish. However, if you want the true experience of ice fishing, you must be willing to put in a little effort. It takes a bit of getting used to, especially if it is your first time out and you aren’t used to New England winters, but it sure is a lot of fun.

What You Need to Know
In addition to learning where to go to get the best Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle, it is important to know a little bit about ice fishing, how it works and when the best time is to catch some fish. For example, when you check out local tackle rentals, make sure to ask which fish are biting and get a recommendation on live bait. Usually wherever you can purchase ice fishing equipment, you can also get live bait. When you are considering fishing tackle in New Hampshire, don’t overlook the lures. Many local fishermen swear by them and the bait shops can usually tell you which ones are the top sellers.

The warmest water will be found at the bottom of the lake. When the lake is completely frozen, the warmest the water will be is approximately 39.2 degrees. The warm water fish, that many visitors want to catch, such as northern pike, perch and bass, will be most active at the bottom to take advantage of the warmer water. Some fishermen like to put bait at the bottom and a couple of feet up from the bottom in case the fish look up so they will see the bait and take the line. If you are fishing for colder water fish, such as trout and salmon, you will want to fish much higher, approximately a foot deep or so, just under the ice.

Local Tackle Rentals
For new ice fishermen or for visitors to the New England area, renting ice fishing equipment is usually the best bet. If you will be coming back again to fish the frozen lake in the future or if you are moving to the area, then you can purchase some of the popular Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle to add to your collection. Some of the basic equipment that you will need to get for fishing tackle in New Hampshire in the winter months that you probably do not have back at home includes an ice auger to drill in the ice and ice spuds, which are used to check the thickness of the ice.

Visit Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire for all the latest in ice fishing equipment and local tackle rentals for ice fishing out on Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding area. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location on Main Street. Ask about our local tackle rentals, live bait and more for fishing and lake recreation all year long.

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