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The World-Famous Lake Winnipesaukee & Wolfeboro Boat Rentals

The World-Famous Lake Winnipesaukee & Wolfeboro Boat Rentals

Vacationing in beautiful New Hampshire at the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee most assuredly means a trip full of outdoor fun and relaxation. One of the best ways to really get out there and enjoy the lake, is to take advantage of boat rentals in Wolfeboro. From the time that the lake thaws in the spring, until it freezes over again in the winter, boat rentals at Lake Winnipesaukee are very popular for locals and visitors alike.

You can get a wide range of New Hampshire boat rentals through the local bait and tackle shop at The Hole in the Wall on Main Street in Wolfeboro. Choose from basic row boats, kayaks and canoes, as well as larger power boats, which include Boston Whalers and aluminum Lunds, with ratings between 25-90HP. It is important to know the laws in New Hampshire with regard to boating certificates and licensing. Take care of these details ahead of your visit to avoid any delays in getting out on the water.

Where to Get Wolfeboro Boat Rentals
You can reserve a boat rental online at The Hole in the Wall website or by calling the local number in Wolfeboro. Make sure to do this before you come to New Hampshire, as boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee will go fast. You can also get fishing tackle rentals, live bait, lures and other vacation accessories at our store, so make sure to stop by when you get into town. Our staff can help you find the items that you need to have a great vacation and get the most out of your boat rentals in Wolfeboro.

If you will be doing any fishing or hunting during your stay, make sure to ask our staff about licensing. In New Hampshire you can get a variety of licenses, including freshwater fishing for adults and senior citizens, which come in single day, 3-day or 7-day options. A license is required for clams and oysters, as well as for recreational saltwater fishing. Combination licenses are available for both hunting and fishing, if you think you might do both during your stay. Small game hunting, special deer archery, muzzle loader, pheasant, bear, turkey and migratory waterfowl hunting licenses are also available, some for residents-only and others designed for visitors as well. You can get all of these licenses through The Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro.

Always Put Safety First
Whether you go boating, fishing or hunting, it is important to always put safety first. If safety courses are offered, make sure to take advantage. Many boat rentals in Lake Winnipesaukee require a safety course, even for boats that don’t require licensing. It is a good idea to take them, not just as a requirement of the rental, but to help keep you and your family safe while out on the water. Personal flotation devices are required and important, as many accidents can happen when boating. It only takes a moment for a fun-filled day to turn into a horrible vacation memory.

Take time to read all of the rules regarding the rental, as well as any specific rules for boating use while out on the lake. There are lots of options available for New Hampshire boat rentals at The Hole in the Wall, providing first-time boaters with lots of great opportunities to gain confidence and choose a boat that they will feel comfortable using. Even if you have a large group, you don’t have to get a power boat rental, if you don’t want to go through the extra licensing requirements. There are Wolfeboro boat rentals that do not have engines and can seat multiple passengers, making it easy for all vacationers to get out and explore the lake.

Start Planning to Visit Lake Winnipesaukee
It’s never too early to start planning your vacation to beautiful New Hampshire. Make sure to take a look at all of the festivals and special events planned for the region that you and your family can enjoy while you are here. Reserve your boat rentals at Lake Winnipesaukee as soon as you are able, to avoid missing out on rental opportunities. The Hole in the Wall has a wide array of options available for sale on our website, as well as boat rental reservation forms, fishing and hunting licensing opportunities, and information about boating certificates and safety courses.

Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to start planning your trip to enjoy our boat rentals in Wolfeboro and the surrounding area today. Our friendly staff can connect you with all of the year-round rental opportunities, whether you are coming to go ice fishing in the winter or boating on the lake in the summer.

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