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The Advantages of Local Tackle Rentals at Lake Winnipesaukee

The Advantages of Local Tackle Rentals at Lake Winnipesaukee

local-tackle-rentals-winnipesaukeeDid you know that you can rent ice fishing tackle and other types of fishing tackle year round when you come to visit New Hampshire? Believe it or not, fishing tackle rentals are quite popular around our lakes, rivers and streams. In fact, local Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle is available for rent or for sale at Hole in the Wall in Wolfesboro. We have a lot of fishermen come into our shop to look at what we have to offer in the way of rod and reel combinations, lures, live bait, tackle boxes, fishing line and much more because they know we cater to the type of fishing that is popular right here in the northeast.

Even fishermen who brought their own tackle with them on a fishing vacation, will often explore our rentals for summer or ice fishing tackle. It can be impossible to carry all of your fishing gear with you on an airplane or even while driving in a car. Also, purchasing items that are used specifically for local fishing when you might not ever use it again at home, is also counter productive. Take advantage of our local tackle rentals at Hole in the Wall and get a chance to try out some new equipment, methods and technology for fishing right here in New Hampshire.

Ice Fishing Tackle Rentals
One of our most popular rentals is during ice fishing season. Most people who come here to experience ice fishing out on the lake do not have ice fishing where they live or have never done it before. As a result, they do not have the ice fishing tackle that they need to participate in this popular sport. You can get rod and reel rentals, auger rentals, Bob House rentals, multi-purpose sled rentals and much more to make your ice fishing experience one to remember. Just stop by Hole in the Wall to find out about all of the Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and equipment that we have available to rent for those who want to try their hand at ice fishing in New Hampshire.

Other Ice Fishing Gear
In addition to our fishing tackle rentals, Hole in the Wall also sells all of the most in-demand gear that our local fishermen and visitors demand during ice fishing season. In fact, we sell the best ice fishing equipment around! Choose from a wide variety of jig sticks and ready-to-go jig sticks, as well as a large selection of tip-ups.

Some of the tip-ups that we sell at Hole in the Wall include:

  • Eagle Claw
  • Grand Master Wood
  • Parallel tip-ups
  • Electronic Polar
  • Ice Eagle
  • Original tip-ups

We also see a large selection of ice fishing supplies, including:

  • ice fishing line
  • shelter anchors
  • free standing rod holders
  • ice skimmers
  • ice jig boxes
  • tip-up fishing line
  • retractable safety picks
  • fish scalers
  • hand warmers

Year Round Fishing Tackle Rentals
In addition to ice fishing tackle, we also specialize in year round Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle that can be used in spring, summer and fall. Our local tackle rentals and tackle sales help local fishermen and visitors to New Hampshire to have access to all the tools, gear and equipment they need to land a great catch. In addition to fishing tackle rentals, we also sell lures and live bait according to the season, to help visitors to our beautiful lake to have a successful fishing trip.

Make sure to also ask about getting a New Hampshire fishing license, if you don’t already have one. You can get one online ahead of time via the New Hampshire Fish & Game website, which allows you to download and print your license on your computer. When you arrive at Hole in the Wall to find out about local tackle rentals, make sure to ask about any deposits that are required, the length of the rental, return policies and how any damage to equipment is handled. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have about any of our fishing tackle rentals or equipment for sale.

Visit Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
If you are visiting the local area and you want to find out more about Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle or to take advantage of ice fishing tackle rentals or year-round local tackle rentals, look no further than Hole in the Wall. Located conveniently on North Main Street in Wolfeboro, we can help you with all of the fishing tackle rentals and sales that you need to enjoy your fishing trip to our great state. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location to see what we have in store!

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