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Start Prepping for Spring Fishing in New Hampshire Right Now

Start Prepping for Spring Fishing in New Hampshire Right Now

Start Preparing for Spring Fishing on Lake WinnipesaukeeWhile there are some pretty crazy storms hitting the United States right now, believe it or not, there is no better time to start prepping for spring fishing than at this very moment. The more you can do to make sure that your custom fishing rods and reels, tackle box, and other equipment are ready to go, the faster you’ll be able to get “out there” when the time is right. While there are loads of people who enjoy winter fishing, it’s not for everyone. If you are waiting for the snow and ice to melt before coming up to New Hampshire, this is the guide for you.

Our bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro have everything you need to complete your trip, add to your tackle, and provide you with the live local bait required to make a memorable catch. Check out our New Hampshire boat rentals and licensing opportunities ahead of time by calling the NH Hole in the Wall Wolfeboro bait store to make sure everything is in order before you arrive. We have all the gear and items required for year-round fishing and fun on Lake Winnipesaukee and in the surrounding Lakes Region. Browse our website to take a look at our rental opportunities and be prepared for a great spring fishing season this year!

Check Your Line

When is the last time you changed out your fishing line? Freshwater fishing is less harsh on a line than the constant sun and salt exposure that comes from saltwater fishing; however, you should still change your lines out at the end of the season. Depending on where you usually fish, you might need to change it more frequently. This is not the time or the place to go cheap. You count on your line to reel in your catch, so you want to make sure it can hold up. Make sure you have the right type of line for the type of fishing that you want to do. Switching from pond to lake fishing or fishing in different types of environments might require something new.

Clean Up Your Lures

Whether you have 100 different lures or just 12 that work best for the type of fishing that you do, it’s always a good idea to go through your lures to make sure everything is in good condition. Take time to sharpen or replace any hooks that have become damaged. If you discover any rust in your tackle box, it’s time to replace it. Rust in your tackle box could potentially weaken any of the hooks that are in there, so as soon as you find it – get rid of it. Shop for new lures in the offseason or stop to collect local favorites when you visit our bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro. We also have a wide selection of custom fishing rods and reels if you are looking to add to your collection or replace some worn out gear.

Repair Your Guides

When you take time to clean your rods and reels, make sure to look at the guides on your fishing rods. Check for any cracks or grooves and replace them with new guides. If you use roller guides, make sure everything is operating as it should and that the guides roll smoothly. If necessary, lubricate them or replace them if needed. Taking time to clean and repair your fishing rods and reels will help them to perform better and last longer. Don’t just toss them into a shed at the end of the season and expect them to be in good condition for your first spring fishing trip. Take the time to learn DIY tips for repairs, cleaning, and ongoing maintenance to increase the lifetime of your equipment.

Reserve New Hampshire Boat Rentals

If you are planning a trip up to Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding Lakes Region this spring, make sure to reserve your New Hampshire boat rentals ahead of time by calling the NH Hole in the Wall. Rentals can go fast – especially when spring first comes back to the local area, and everyone wants to get out on the water. We have a wide range of vessel types, sizes, and options for you to consider ranging from kayaks and canoes to rowboats, 25 HP cruisers, and high-speed motorboats. Make sure to check out the laws regarding boat safety certificates and licensing in New Hampshire and do as much as you can to prepare ahead of your visit so you will have more time out on the water. Stop in and see our boat rentals and boats for sale at our Wolfeboro bait store.

Contact Our Team

For rentals, purchases, and questions about items available at our Wolfeboro bait store, give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our team members. We can answer any questions that you might have about fishing in the Lakes Region and help you get the information that you require for licensing to fish, hunt or use New Hampshire boat rentals. Call today and start making plans for your next trip to Lake Winnipesaukee.

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