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Spring Cleaning for Your Tackle Box: Wolfeboro Fishing Prep

Spring Cleaning for Your Tackle Box: Wolfeboro Fishing Prep

So you’re ready to get out there and go fishing, but the weather isn’t quite cooperating just yet. Take this time to prepare your tackle box, reels, and rods for spring fishing so you will be ready as soon as the fish begin to bite. If you participated in local ice fishing this year, make sure to clean-up your ice fishing tackle and put it away safely for next year. Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies need just as much care as spring, summer, and fall fishing supplies, so take the time to clean everything up and put it away so you will be able to find it as soon as Lake Winnipesaukee freezes over again.

Prepping Your Rods & Reels
It is best to assume that you didn’t perform end-of-season maintenance on your rods and reels. Take time to clean and maintain your equipment so it will be able to perform at its very best. Cleaning and lubrication of reels is required, but make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations if you can find them online. Ditch all of the old lines from last season and replace it with fresh, clean line.

  • If you use a monofilament line, you need to know that it needs to be replaced each season.
  • If you use a super line, it can last you several years, but it pays to check it out at the beginning of each year.
  • If you use a fluorocarbon line, you might be able to squeeze a couple seasons out of it, depending on how frequently you go fishing each year.

Fishing rod handles can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. Don’t use any type of chemicals on your rod that isn’t recommended by the manufacturer. If you require repair, you can bring your rod and reel into town for servicing. If you need temporary local tackle rentals, you can get them at the Hole in the Wall where you get your Wolfeboro boat rentals. If you are coming in from out of town, give us a ring so we can reserve your rentals ahead of time. Some years the first opening weekend of the fishing season at the lake gets crazy busy. You don’t want to get here just to find out that all the equipment has already been rented.

Clean the Tackle Box
We will talk about replenishing your fishing tackle supplies in just a few, but for now, the goal should be to properly clean your tackle box to get it ready for the fishing season. If you took your tackle box out with your Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies this winter, you may have extra cleaning work to do. If you fish year-round, you may want to get a special ice fishing tackle box to keep your seasonal items separated and to protect them when not in use.

Clean out all of the trays, boxes and any bags that you have in your tackle box using a damp cloth. You can clean plastic trays using warm water and mild soap if you wish. Make sure that everything is completely dry before you put it back inside the box. Sort through the items in each try to make sure everything is where you want it. Toss out any broken or damaged lures and accessories – don’t even fuss with them. Remember, you can get local tackle rentals and new tackle for purchase at the Hole in the Wall, where you come for all your Wolfeboro boat rentals and fishing supplies.

Other things you can do for better organization include:

  • label trays to make it easier to find things while out fishing
  • replace any hooks that are rusted or damaged
  • check soft baits to make sure they are still good
  • stock-up on binder storage bags so you will have them ready when needed
  • create a list of things that you need to get to fill up your tackle box
  • check first-aid equipment to make sure everything is stocked up properly

Stop By the Hole in the Wall
If you need to replenish some items in your tackle box, make sure to stop by the Hole in the Wall on Main Street in Wolfeboro. We have a wide range of local tackle rentals and tackle items for sale, as well as an extensive array of Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies. If you want to rent a boat, check out our local Wolfeboro boat rentals. Seasonal ice fishing tackle, fishing and hunting licenses, live bait, and other sporting goods are just some of the things we carry in-stock for our customers. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to reserve Wolfeboro boat rentals or to learn more about the products that we carry in-store and online.

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