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Should You Buy a Vacation Boat in Wolfeboro for the Holidays?

Should You Buy a Vacation Boat in Wolfeboro for the Holidays?

People who live in the local area or visit Lake Winnipesaukee each year, should consider purchasing a boat from Wolfeboro rowboat sales instead of continuing to get rentals each year. There are many advantages to having your own boat, whether you take it to and from the lake or keep it somewhere nearby in storage. One of the most popular vessels to purchase is the New Hampshire skiff. In fact, the Pocket Skiff is one of the more popular models sold on Main Street in Wolfeboro at our local shop. So if you are looking to purchase a boat, either as a gift to yourself or someone else for the holidays, look no further than the NH Hole in the Wall. In addition to boat sales, we can also hook you up with a variety of motor and non-motorized boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Reason #1 – Cost-Savings

It might sound crazy to think about buying a boat in Wolfeboro as a means of saving money, but if you rent a boat every time or almost every time you come out to Lake Winnipesaukee, that can end up being a lot of money. Purchasing a boat is much more affordable than continuing to pay for rental costs, rental insurance, and deal with making reservations. You can also get a much better deal on your marine insurance to protect your investment than you would pay for insurance through the rental agency or at the time of rental. If you are purchasing a canoe, rowboat, or a kayak, there is not a lot of maintenance required. The boat can be kept in a garage, shed, or even at a local boatyard so you won’t have to transport it back and forth between trips.

Reason #2 – Off-Season Deals

Make sure to contact the NH Hole in the Wall to ask about their year-end savings on Wolfeboro boat sales. Choose from the Pocket Skiff, Loudon Rowboat, Whitehall, or a Wee Skiff for young boaters. When you are ready to buy a boat in Wolfeboro, make sure to contact our team for assistance. We can provide you with quotes for any of the boats that we sell. Our team can answer any questions that you might have about our New Hampshire skiff and rowboat sales. We can even recommend the best type of boat based on your needs and interests.

Reason #3 – More Opportunities

If you own your own boat, you will likely use it much more frequently than you would with boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee. Instead of just renting a boat for a few days during your vacation or fishing trip, you can take advantage of having your own boat available whenever you want to use it throughout your visit. Instead of using it only for fishing or sight-seeing, you can get out on the water every day if you would like and enjoy the excellent exercise opportunity afforded by rowing. You can work on your skills or even teach your children how to row and navigate the waters when you aren’t on a rental deadline.

Reason #4 – Better Quality

When you purchase your own boat, such as a Loudon rowboat or a New Hampshire skiff, it will be in better shape than most boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee. You are in charge of taking care of the boat, protecting it from the elements, and making sure that anyone who uses it knows what they are doing. Some rental options get really banged up by novice renters who seem to hit every rock and bank as they make their way around the lake. You can customize your vessel when you buy a boat in Wolfeboro, including all of the options and gear that you want added to make it your own.

Reason #5 – Great for Families

Owning a boat is a great foundation for spending more time with your family. When you consider Wolfeboro rowboat sales, don’t just think about the cost, the storage, and the work that you need to do to keep your boat in great shape. Consider all of the fun that you will have, the memories that you will create, and the experiences that you will share with your spouse and children. Boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee can be a lot of fun, but there’s nothing quite like owning your own New Hampshire skiff and teaching your little one to love the water and to be the captain of their own ship.

Call the NH Hole in the Wall for Pricing

If you are interested in Wolfeboro boat sales, make sure to contact the NH Hole in the Wall via phone at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our agents. We can help you throughout the process to buy a boat in Wolfeboro for your Lake Winnipesaukee vacation home or to use throughout the local region. Call today to learn more about the various types of New Hampshire skiff and rowboat sales available at the Hole in the Wall!

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