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Safe Boating Tips in Wolfeboro for Rowboat and Canoe Rentals

Safe Boating Tips in Wolfeboro for Rowboat and Canoe Rentals

Safe Boating on Lake WinnipesaukeeMost of the articles that you will see online that focus on boating safety tend to talk about power boats or speedboats and personal watercraft. While it’s true that a high horsepower engine might be too much for new boaters to handle, there are also inherent dangers that should be considered and discussed for non-motorized vessels as well. Wolfeboro bait stores have a lot of options for visitors to Lake Winnipesaukee, whether your goal is just to get out and explore the water and islands, enjoy some summertime recreation, or want to catch some fish.

Wolfeboro boat rentals at the NH Hole in the Wall include motorized and non-motorized boats. Rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards are just as popular as our Boston Whaler rentals and other fast power boats. You can even rent or purchase fishing electronics in Wolfeboro at our local shop, providing you with a clear advantage to find where the local fish are hiding. Take some time to go over boating safety rules with your family members and friends before heading out on the water. It only takes a few minutes but can make sure a big difference if something were to occur.

Life Jackets

Whenever we read about drownings after boating accidents, it is usually because those on board were not wearing life jackets. Studies reveal that nearly 85 percent of those who drowned following a boating accident were not wearing a life jacket. This doesn’t just apply to big boats out on the ocean. In fact, one study showed that eight out of every ten boaters who drowned were on boats less than 21-feet in length. The importance of having a life jacket for everyone on board and making sure that they wear them while out on the water cannot be stressed enough considering these statistics.

Impaired Operation

While many people think about heading out on the water to have a couple of adult beverages and enjoy the day, you should never mix alcohol and boat operation. Similar to driving a car, designated drivers should be on board to ensure that everyone makes it back to the shore safely. In 2011, it was determined that alcohol use was the number one contributing factor in the majority of fatal accidents. Check with local laws about alcohol use and having alcohol on board your Wolfeboro boat rentals before bringing a cooler with you on the lake. You can also ask our team members when you visit our Wolfeboro bait stores for gear and supplies.

Boating Safety Courses

While a New Hampshire boating safety course is not required to operate a non-motorized boat, it is a good idea if you are new to boating or if you haven’t been boating for many years. Boating safety instruction can be obtained online or can be taken as a course in-person just about anywhere in the United States. However, if you will be operating Wolfeboro boat rentals that are more than 25 horsepower, you will need to have a valid boating safety certificate. Contact the NH Hole in the Wall for details or visit the website for the New Hampshire Department of Fish & Game.

Control Your Passengers

Even on a small boat that only has room for two or three people, it is important to take charge and keep everyone safe. Insist that passengers wear life jackets and that everyone knows the rules of safe boating. It is never easy to be the responsible friend on a fishing trip, but if you value their safety, it is worth the effort. Check the local rules at the lake, with the boat rental company, and ensure that everyone follows them whenever you go out on the water. Many common accidents can be prevented if someone would step up and takes charge.

Learn Boating Etiquette

Whether you arrive in the middle of summer or come for some off-season boating, you should at least know the basic rules of etiquette for boating on Lake Winnipesaukee. Navigating a boat on the water is very much like driving a car around town. You need to know who has the right of way and understand your responsibilities if you want to avoid accidents or misunderstandings with other boaters. Other seasoned boaters will have respect for you and appreciate that you made an effort to learn.

Reserve Wolfeboro Boat Rentals Online

Did you know that you can make reservations for our Wolfeboro boat rentals online or by calling us at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653)? Depending on the time of year, reservations can fill up quickly so it pays to contact us ahead of your visit to guarantee a rental. The NH Hole in the Wall is located on Main Street in Wolfeboro. We feature a wide range of supplies, tackle, live bait, rentals, and specialty items, such as fishing electronics in Wolfeboro. Call today to learn more about our options for boat rentals or to get information about where to get even more safe boating tips in Wolfeboro before you get out on the lake.

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