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Rent New Hampshire Boat Rentals for the Best Summer Fishing

Rent New Hampshire Boat Rentals for the Best Summer Fishing

New Hampshire fishingThe kids are headed back to school, and the sun is about ready to set on summer, but there’s still plenty of great fishing days left this year at Lake Winnipesaukee. People come to this traditional “summertime resort town” from all over the globe to go fishing on these beautiful waters. Fishing is something that happens in New Hampshire year-round, from hot summer afternoons out on the water in a boat to cold winter days spent ice fishing on the frozen lake. However, don’t think that you’ve missed all the summer fun just yet. Even though school is already back in session, there are still a few weeks of summer left to enjoy, and the fall fishing in Wolfeboro is prized by locals and visitors alike.

Why Rent a Boat?

There are lots of different types of fishing with live bait in New Hampshire, from fly fishing in our many rivers and streams to bass fishing from a boat. Wolfeboro bait stores carry all of the tools, equipment, and options you could ever need to enjoy a great day out on the water. Our New Hampshire boat rentals include motorboats, canoes, rowboats, and kayaks, as well as some fun and exciting recreational water sports equipment. You can rent a boat online in advance of your trip or contact our team directly by calling our local number. Either way, make sure to reserve a boat rental and maybe even some tackle or fishing electronics in Wolfeboro to maximize your trip.

Boats are a great way to explore the lake and get to where the fish are located. A quick study of the different species that are found in these waters will tell you that they are not all just hanging out along the shore waiting to be caught. When you visit the NH Hole in the Wall, let our team know what you are fishing for and what you hope to catch. We can match you with the best live bait and lure options, as well as New Hampshire boat rentals that will get you where you want to be for the best fishing opportunities. Our fish finders, underwater video cameras, and popular Lake Winnipesaukee fishing gear can help you find “the big one” and be prepared to catch it, too!

More Reasons to Get a Boat

With 72 square miles of surface space, Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in all of New Hampshire and the third largest lake in New England. It is 21 miles long, 9 miles wide at its widest point, and sits approximately 500 feet above sea level. There are more than 250 islands to explore and go fishing around, and many different fun and exciting species to try and catch out on the water. Millions of visitors come to the Lakes Region each year, so it pays to make reservations for New Hampshire boat rentals in advance. Don’t forget to bring your fishing gear or stop by the NH Hole in the Wall to rent tackle from our Wolfeboro bait stores. Purchase live bait in New Hampshire from our popular store or add some fine-crafted lures to your collection.

If you aren’t familiar with boating, make sure to take an online course or contact the local US Coast Guard or another certification program to learn more about the USCG safety regulations. Always have a flotation device for every passenger on your boat and take care to pick up a lake map and a compass or use satellite-based GPS to ensure that you don’t get lost. Lake Winnipesaukee is a very large, very long lake, which can get very choppy in windy conditions and be exposed to fast-moving storms from the mountains. Check the forecast, but also keep a watchful eye on the sky to take evasive action to avoid a storm if it arrives suddenly. Consider sticking to the shoreline or follow an easy guide to arrive at your destination and return to shore safely.

Why Visit Wolfeboro?

Billed as the oldest summer resort town in America, our Wolfeboro bait stores and fishing docks are quite popular with locals and tourists. When you come to our town to take advantage of New Hampshire boat rentals at the Hole in the Wall, you can also visit some of the other landmarks and shopping opportunities. Ice cream stands, restaurants, gift shops, and museums are just some of the popular spots to check out when in Wolfeboro. Take a ride on the town’s trolley system, tie up your boat at one of the town’s four public docks, and take a ride on the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad.

Contact our team to secure your New Hampshire boat rentals, learn more about our Wolfeboro bait stores and fishing opportunities, or ask about our wide range of fishing and recreational sporting goods. You can reach the NH Hole in the Wall by dialing 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or by using our online contact form to leave a message for our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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