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Recreational Activities and Boating Safety in New Hampshire

Recreational Activities and Boating Safety in New Hampshire

Boat Safety in New HampshireWhether you are new to boating or have participated in recreational water sports for many years, it pays to stay aware of boating safety in New Hampshire whenever you go out on the water. While a boating license is not required, a boating safety certificate is mandatory for vessels over 25 horsepower and is highly recommended for folks new to boating. Just as you would take the time to pick out the best wakeboard or custom fishing rods and reels, it is essential to learn the safety rules of boating on Lake Winnipesaukee and choose the best New Hampshire boat rentals for your activity and experience level.

Personal Flotation Devices

Life jackets, vests, and other personal flotation devices should be used at all times for optimal boating safety in New Hampshire. Accidents can happen without warning, even if you are in a canoe or traveling around the shore in a kayak. You don’t necessarily have to be in a motor boat or speed boat for recreational water sports to require a life jacket while out on the water. Children should wear a life jacket at all times, whether they are out on the lake or sitting in the boat near the dock. Make sure that you get a US Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device for each person on board when you use New Hampshire boat rentals.

Learn CPR and Other Life-Saving Skills

You never know when you might need to have the skills necessary to save a life. Take time to learn adult, child, and infant CPR at your local hospital, fire department, Red Cross office, or recreational department. Most of these places will offer free or very low-cost training if you ask. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also increase your boating safety in New Hampshire or wherever you set sail. Learning how to safely help someone in distress, whether they are drowning or experiencing other emergency issues in the water, is also beneficial. Learn how to save a victim of drowning while keeping yourself and others safe at the same time. Don’t just jump in the water without knowing what to do to perform a safe rescue.

Know the Rules of the Water

Every body of water has its own local rules, but there are also standard boating rules for operating a boat on ponds, lakes, rivers, seas, and oceans. Learning how to recognize the different types of buoy markers and understanding the navigational lights are just as essential as learning about traffic lights, brakes, and turn signals when driving a motor vehicle. The more you can learn about these rules and safety regulations, the easier it will be to prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly situations from occurring. Learn where it is safe to swim out on the lake and which areas are approved for other recreational water sports, such as water skiing and wakeboarding.

Improve Boating Skills

Even if you are using New Hampshire boat rentals, it pays to take time to improve your boating skills and learn all you can about the vessel. Whether you rent one of our Boston Whaler vessels with 25 HP or a Lund Aluminum Super Sport with 75 HP, you need to know about boating safety and safe handling in all types of conditions. The weather can change quickly, so it’s good to learn how the boat might handle differently in the rain than under blue and sunny skies. Recreational water sports, fishing, and other activities on Lake Winnipesaukee will only be more fun and exciting if you are confident in your skills and knowledge about the abilities of your vessel.

Take the Course Online

If you have plans on coming to Lake Winnipesaukee to try out your new custom fishing rods and reels or simply explore these beautiful waters, consider taking a course for boating safety in New Hampshire before you arrive. You can take most US Coast Guard approved courses online and meet the requirements for boating safety certificates in your home state. Visit the NH Department of Safety for the official guidelines and regulations regarding boating certificates issued by other states and government programs. They also have current information about online courses and local testing that you can take to get your certificate. Before you participate in recreational water sports or register for New Hampshire boat rentals, make sure to consider taking a safety course.

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