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Reasons to Buy a Loudon Rowboat in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Reasons to Buy a Loudon Rowboat in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Whether you come up to Lake Winnipesaukee a couple of times a year or if you stay throughout the whole summer, there are lots of reasons to consider purchasing a Loudon rowboat to use during your vacation. Wolfeboro boat rentals from the NH Hole in the Wall can be helpful in assisting would-be boat owners in selecting the best type of rowboat for their needs. Families with children, solo fishermen, couples who like to explore the lake, and countless other situations can benefit greatly from owning their own Loudon rowboat.

Bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro can provide you with all of the live bait in New Hampshire that you could ever want, and local tackle rentals can help first-time fishermen figure out what they want for future fishing trips. So why not take advantage of quality rental opportunities at the NH Hole in the Wall if you are thinking about buying a boat? Choose from a variety of boat options, including rowboats, canoes, and kayaks. It is important to know the differences between these different types of boats, so you’ll know what you like, and what you don’t.

What is a Rowboat?

Since our focus is on the Loudon rowboat, we will discuss the finer points of rowboats and what to expect, whether you rent one from our Wolfeboro boat rentals or if you purchase one at our Lake Winnipesaukee store. As opposed to kayaks or canoes, a rowboat is propelled by oars. The oars are held in place by devices called either rowlocks or oarlocks, attached at a pivot point to the boat. The pivot point does not change its position as the boat is rowed, they are stationary. The other thing you will notice about a rowboat compared to other types of boats available at our bait and tackle store in Wolfeboro is that the rower faces the stern instead of the bow.

While there are some boats that you can row facing forward, which include the Chinese sculled boats and the gondolas in Venice, most rowers use a rowboat style that has them facing backward. It may take a bit more of a learning curve to get a handle on rowing, but even young children can quickly and easily learn how to row a boat on the lake. There are many different styles of rowboats available, both at our Wolfeboro boat rentals and sales. When you visit our store to get live bait in New Hampshire for fishing, our team can help you with information about the boats available for sale. Because we do local tackle rentals and boat rentals, the NH Hole in the Wall has earned a solid reputation with vacationers and locals alike for providing quality boat rentals and sales.

Long Rowboats and Short Rowboats

In addition to the Loudon rowboat, we also sell the Pocket Skiff, the Wee Skiff for young rowers, and Whitehalls, which can accommodate up to a 3HP outboard motor, if desired. All of the boats that we sell are made of high quality materials, including all stainless steel fasteners, unsinkable level flotation for positive buoyancy, and non-skid floors for safety. Depending on the model that you choose, there may also be silicon bronze oarlocks, either in single or double rowing options, adjustable teak seats, storage compartments, additional seats, and teak trim. Our friendly and helpful sales staff can help you review all of your options to find the rowboat that best suits your needs – and your budget.

Other things to consider include the purpose for which the rowboat is being purchased, either for fishing, exploring, or other water recreation. The carrying capacity might also influence your purchase decision, depending on how many passengers you will want to take with you on the water. Windage, stability, waterline length, trim, rocker, beam, and seaworthiness are just some of the other factors that potential boat owners might want to learn about and make a decision about before purchasing a brand new rowboat. Length, hull speed, and options for an outboard motor may also be important to some boaters.

Why Buy in Wolfeboro?

You might be wondering why you should purchase a rowboat right here in Wolfeboro the next time you come to New Hampshire. Why can’t you just go down to the local big box store and buy one before your vacation? Unfortunately, quality rowboats are few and far between. That is why many boat experts will only recommend a small handful of boat brands, especially if you want a rowboat that is built well with good materials that is designed to last for many years to come. Whether you are investing in a rowboat for yourself or your children, you want a boat that will provide fun and transportation out on Lake Winnipesaukee for generations.

Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to get prices on all of the Wolfeboro boat rentals and rowboat sales that we have a available at the NH Hole in the Wall. As one of the most popular bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro, our boats will go quickly when the summer season arrives, so make sure you secure your boat and local tackle rentals early. If you are interested in purchasing a boat, either for your New Hampshire vacation home or for when you come up to Lake Winnipesaukee, make sure to ask about pricing and availability.

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