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On-Shore Versus Boat Fishing in Wolfeboro: Which One is Best?

On-Shore Versus Boat Fishing in Wolfeboro: Which One is Best?

Boat Fishing vs Shore FishingWhen it comes to the different types of fishing that you can do out on the lake, it comes down to personal preference and what your goals are for your fishing trip. You can take advantage of local New Hampshire boat rentals if you do not own a boat or don’t want to haul yours up to New England for vacation if you want to see the difference for yourself. Boat fishing in Wolfeboro and the surrounding region is very popular. You can get boat rentals and fishing tackle rentals, making it easy to just hop on a plane and get out on the lake. Fishing electronics in Wolfeboro are also available to help you improve your fishing skills in our very diverse waters. You can even speak with local fishermen to get tips on where to go.

What Kind of Fish?
The first question you need to ask yourself when you are debating on shore versus boat fishing in Wolfeboro is what kind of fish do you want to catch. You can get all of the information from your local fishing tackle rentals and bait shop as to what is biting and where. Some fish will be closer to the shore, while others will be deep out in the lake. Once you know what is there – and where they are biting – you can create your fishing strategy. Just make sure to secure New Hampshire boat rentals in advance if you think you might want to rent a boat. It can get busy, particularly in the summer months, when many fishermen and families come to Lake Winnipesaukee for vacation.

If it is possible to get a boat, it is always recommended. With a boat you will have much more options and opportunities to get to a wider variety of fish. There are many advantages to fishing from a boat than fishing from the shore. Some of those benefits include:

  • being able to reach more fishing spots throughout the day
  • easy movement from one fishing spot to another
  • ability to carry gear around the lake easier inside of a boat than by hand
  • get beyond weed beds, lily pads and other things you could snag your line on
  • more options for fishing techniques than from the shore
  • ability to catch larger fish the deeper out you go into the lake

Three Types of Fishing Techniques
If you do decide to go boat fishing in Wolfeboro, there are still three options that you can use to increase your success while fishing. Of course you can always add a rental of fishing electronics in Wolfeboro when you get your fishing tackle rentals or New Hampshire boat rentals, but beyond that there are three techniques or styles of fishing to explore.

  • STILL – This is just as it sounds. Still fishing is when you fish from a boat that is still and anchored. Find the spot you want to fish, put down the anchor and get your fishing tackle ready. Just about any type of tackle will work, however most fishermen who employ this technique choose to use a basic casting style. A float or bobber will be extremely beneficial and don’t forget the live bait.
  • CASTING – Get out on the boat and start casting toward the shore, using flies and lures. Make sure to develop your own technique for retrieving the lure. Some swear by hand pulling the line back into the boat, while others use a reel. Try a couple of different methods until you find what works best for you – and for the fish.
  • TROLLING – This technique involves fishing from a boat that is moving slowly. The live bait or lure is pulled behind the vessel at a distance of approximately fifty to seventy-five feet. For safety, one fisherman should troll while facing the stern and the other should take a turn at rowing. It can be done alone, but you will get better results if you take turns while using this method.

Bass Fishing on a Boat
One of the many fish that people come up to Lake Winnipesaukee to catch is the bass. New Hampshire boat rentals can come in handy when fishing for bass. You can use fishing electronics in Wolfeboro to locate the fish, but the local fishermen can also help you figure out where to start and what methods are currently working best to bring in a good catch. Visit your local fishing tackle rentals shop to get the scoop on all of the bait, techniques and options that are being used to catch the local fish. The fishing at one lake might be drastically different from the fishing at another, so be prepared to try out a couple of spots during your trip.

Boat fishing in Wolfeboro is one of the best ways to catch bass. If you are interested in renting a boat at the Hole in the Wall or would like to view our fishing tackle rentals and live bait options, stop by our location on Main Street or give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653). Our staff can help you with anything you need from custom rods and reels to live bait, lures and tackle to New Hampshire boat rentals. Call or stop by today to start planning your fishing trip on Lake Winnipesaukee.

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