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New Hampshire Fishing Tips: Best Way to Teach a Kid to Fish

New Hampshire Fishing Tips: Best Way to Teach a Kid to Fish

New Hampshire Fishing with KidsVacations are for trying new things and building memories that will last a lifetime. Taking your kid out to fish for the first time is a landmark event. Whether fishing is big for your family or just a simple activity that you want your child to experience, there’s no better place to start than beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. Fishing tackle rentals are available, along with all of the lures, kid-friendly gear, and live bait in New Hampshire that you could ever need. We also have boat rentals in Wolfeboro if you want to get off the bank and out onto the lake.

If you have never taught a child how to fish before, you might not know where to start. Our tried and true New Hampshire fishing tips can help you break the ice and keep your cool to create a positive learning experience. Remember not to expect perfection or even a catch on the first time out, but to enjoy the time spent together and the opportunity to share something so memorable with your child. Boys and girls of all ages will enjoy fishing the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, and there are many different types of fish to be caught.

Tip #1 – Go Slow

Be patient and keep it simple when you get started. You don’t need to worry about casting, equipment, or even fishing etiquette when you begin teaching your child about fishing. Use a simple fishing pole, line, hook, and a bobber to get things started. Hook the worm for them and just let them go at it. As they grow in their experience, they will naturally ask about baiting the hook and will want to know how you do the different techniques that you do. Answer any questions that they might have, but don’t go too far with the tips.

Tip #2 – Be Prepared for a Catch-less Trip

You need to prepare yourself and then prepare your child that you might not catch anything on your first outing. Some kids get disappointed or have issues being patient because they only see the end goal of bringing in a fish. Teach them about patience and about enjoying the act of fishing, not just the act of catching. Sure, we all want to snag a fish that we can tell everyone about, but the majority of fishing is getting out in nature and enjoying the peace that comes with it.

Tip #3 – Get Tools for Kids

In addition to carrying lures and live bait in New Hampshire, at the NH Hole in the Wall we also carry kid-friendly fishing equipment. A full-size fishing rod is too much for a young child or beginner to handle. No-tangle fishing rods and plastic hooks make for a safe first-time experience. See our full line of equipment and fishing tackle rentals. Sometimes letting the child pick out the tackle box or fishing rod can make a good solid start.

Tip #4 – Know When to Quit

We have all experienced the meltdown, whether with our own kids or seeing someone else’s child lose it. Avoid this type of first-time experience by gauging your child’s level of interest, mood, and behavior. Bring along snacks and drinks to keep them engaged, but avoid sugary treats or anything that might incite acting out during the trip. Do everything you can to make the trip a success and watch for signals that it’s time to quit before things get out of hand. This is especially true if you are the sole adult bringing more than one child to the lake.

Tip #5 – Consider Other Options

If the fishing is a “bust” and your child shows no interest, have a plan B waiting in the wings. Don’t just get frustrated, pack up your tackle box and go. If you are using boat rentals in Wolfeboro, consider exploring the shoreline or the islands for awhile before going back to your cabin or hotel. You could work your way over to an arcade or fun zone area of the lake to take your kid out for ice cream instead, if the fishing thing doesn’t work out. Take some fun photos of your day together for memories, but know that fishing isn’t for every kid. Whether it’s sitting in the sun, issues with patience, or dealing with live bait in New Hampshire, not every child is a natural born fisherman.

Visit the NH Hole in the Wall

Whether you are ready to try out these New Hampshire fishing tips with some live bait, boat rentals or fishing tackle rentals, or if you just want some fun sporting goods and games to play with your kids, visit the NH Hole in the Wall. Our store has a little bit of everything for everyone during your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to learn more about fishing license requirements, bait, and fishing locations or to reserve boat rentals in Wolfeboro ahead of your trip.

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