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New Hampshire Boat Rentals: Springtime Fishing & Boating

New Hampshire Boat Rentals: Springtime Fishing & Boating

Springtime Bass FishingOne of the most amazing times of the year to come fishing in New Hampshire is in the spring and the summer. While our ice fishing can’t be beat, there’s just something about getting out on the lake to enjoy the peaceful surroundings while reeling in some gorgeous fish. One of our most popular events is the early spring bass fishing. Take advantage of our lakes with some Wolfeboro boat rentals over at The Hole in the Wall and make sure to find out about the best live bait in New Hampshire while you’re there. Tons of great rentals are available for fishing vacations, including rods and reels, tackle and of course, our wide range of New Hampshire boat rentals.

What You Need to Know
It is important to understand that you will need to get a fishing license in order to take advantage of our awesome bass fishing season. Make sure that you have the right license. The State of New Hampshire has an online fishing license program that you can use or you can purchase a license when you get to the local area. If you are looking into getting Wolfeboro boat rentals for your trip, make sure to ask about any requirements for boat licenses, depending on the size and type of boat you are renting. Most boats don’t require a license, but the larger and faster ones do. Also ask about the options for fishing electronics in Wolfeboro. Many fishermen swear by them, especially in the winter and spring fishing seasons when the fish can be difficult to find.

Consider taking a fishing tour or at least consult with some of the locals about the best places to fish. Even if you have been fishing for many years, things are different up here and if you aren’t familiar with the way that our lakes are set up, you might welcome some experienced advice. New Hampshire boat rentals can be used to help get you where you want to go, so you can get to where the fish are during this time of year. While you might think that bass are bass no matter where you go, it is important to understand that there are slight differences and nuances in different states and lakes that you can use to your advantage. Check the local depth maps or looking into renting fishing electronics for your trip.

Contact your local bait and tackle shop to find out about reserving Wolfeboro boat rentals in advance, especially if it is a busy time of year. There are many springtime fishing competitions throughout the state, so it can pay to get your rentals in order before the fishermen start to flood the area. Make sure to ask about lures and live bait in New Hampshire that are recommended by the locals. You can get all of these things at The Hole in the Wall on Main Street in Wolfeboro near Lake Winnipesaukee. Check out all of our fishing gear and tackle rentals, as well as other tools and equipment that you can purchase or rent, depending on the time of year.

Getting Ready to Go Fishing
Once you get your New Hampshire boat rentals lined up and have all of the tackle, bait and other gear that you might require, you will also want to make sure to check the local weather conditions for the day. The weather in New Hampshire is likely quite different from what you are used to, so you might want to bring an extra layer of clothing, just in case. The temperature here, particularly in the springtime, can change in just a few minutes’ time, so it pays to be prepared with all-weather gear.

The water temperature is what really dictates the official launch of spring bass fishing season, here in New Hampshire or anywhere else. While we might be having warm spring days, water temperatures could still be below optimum due to colder evenings. Water temperatures should be just below 50 degrees first thing in the morning and then rise as the sun comes up. That seems to be the peak temperature range for good bass fishing. Warming trends can help to get the fish more active, but it pays to check those water temperatures for consistency. If you are planning your trip around the fish, feel free to contact The Hole in the Wall to check on local conditions before you make the trip.

Visit The Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro
If you are interested in learning more about our New Hampshire boat rentals or fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, visit The Hole in the Wall. Our team can help you get on board with all of the best fishing lures and live bait in New Hampshire, as well as provide you with all of the tackle, rods and reels, equipment and accessories for the season. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to get more information about fishing in the local area or to reserve your Wolfeboro boat rentals in advance.

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