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New Hampshire Bass Fishing Tips: Get Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro

New Hampshire Bass Fishing Tips: Get Boat Rentals in Wolfeboro

There is lots of incredible fishing in New Hampshire. There are over 273 lakes and ponds in the Lakes Region and there are about 40 rivers and streams, totaling approximately 41,800 miles. If you can’t find fish in New Hampshire, you might not know where to look! Wolfeboro, New Hampshire is located on the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee and is known as the Oldest Summer Resort in America, as people have been vacationing and spending summers here for well over 100 years.

With a depth of 213 feet at its deepest point, over 258 islands, and approximately 288 miles of shoreline, there are a lot of different species of fish found in this magnificent lake. There’s salmon, rainbow trout, brook trout, smelt, cusk, yellow perch, lake trout, pickerel, white perch, hornpout, sunfish, and whitefish. However, many people come to Lake Winnipesaukee for the great smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing.

Getting Started: Bait, Boats and More
Wolfeboro bait stores, like the Hole in the Wall on Main, offer a great variety of fishing tackle rentals, live bait, and lures to help visitors get started on their fishing adventure. They even have boat rentals in Wolfeboro in a range of sizes and types. Choose from motorboats, canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and paddleboards to help you get out and explore the water. However, if fishing is your thing and you aren’t quite sure where to start, make sure to ask some of the locals and grab some fishing electronics in Wolfeboro at the Hole in the Wall while you’re there getting your bait.

Speaking of bait, make sure to chat up the staff at the Wolfeboro bait stores when you stop by to find out what the bass are biting on at the moment. Bass will change up what they bite on depending on the season. As a rule, most bass are feeding on crawfish, so anglers have luck on lures that contain peach colors. They usually feed on shad in the summer, so fishermen switch over to baits that are silver or chrome in color. Ask about live bait options, but there are a lot of tips out there that refer to artificial lures. Shredded up plastic worms are said to be a favorite, as well as red spinner baits, because bass like to ambush wounded prey.

Advanced Tips: Using Your Tackle
There are also tips that talk about the way to cast the lure in order to grab the attention of the bass. Stopping halfway through a cast instead of following through helps the lure to hit the water just a few feet ahead of your target, allowing the lure to bounce across the water. This technique is great for catching bass, but also helps you to get your lure underneath structures where bass like to hide, including low bridges and docks.

Experts say that bass will always swim with the current, so casting into the wind can be helpful. However, the best time to fish for bass, as agreed upon by fishing experts and champion fishermen, is just before a storm front comes through, as the increased pressure helps make the bass more active than normal. Sharpen your hooks after each catch, as a very sharp hook is needed to catch bass, which have very boney jaws. Again, make sure to ask the locals for tips. Once you tell them the species of fish that you are after, they will be sure to have some suggestions on where you should start fishing.

Visit the Hole in the Wall
If you are planning a trip to Lake Winnipesaukee to go fishing for bass, make sure to stop by the local Wolfeboro bait stores. Bring your own or check out fishing tackle rentals and boat rentals in Wolfeboro. Pick up some new lures to add to your collection, check out our selection of sporting goods, and grab yourself some souvenirs at the Hole in the Wall. We even have live bait, fishing licenses, and fishing electronics in Wolfeboro to help you make the most of your visit. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to find out about reserving boat rentals in Wolfeboro ahead of your trip or to get directions to our store.

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