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Matching Live Bait to Fish Species: Fishing in New Hampshire

Matching Live Bait to Fish Species: Fishing in New Hampshire

To increase your odds of success on any fishing trip, it pays to match the live bait in New Hampshire that you are using to the type of fish that you want to catch. Never bring live bait into another state or ecosystem, as it could have dangerous consequences. Always make plans to stop by Wolfeboro bait stores to get local live bait where you stop to purchase or rent your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle. While there aren’t a lot of restrictions on fish-finding tools and fishing tackle in New Hampshire if you have any questions about the tools that you plan to use, make sure to ask someone in the know.

Why Fish in New Hampshire?
No matter where you are coming from in the world, there are certain advantages to fishing in New Hampshire that you just won’t find anywhere else. The fishing experience up here is unmatched and there are so many opportunities to catch such a variety of fish – it truly is a fisherman’s paradise. There are over 12,000 miles of rivers and streams for those who enjoy fly fishing, 975 lakes and ponds, which are perfect for all types of anglers. Fishermen who come to our great state enjoy fishing for a variety of species, including salmon, walleye, pike, trout, bass, perch, pickerel, and much more. There have been quite a few record fish caught here and there are fishing challenges around every corner.

Not to mention the fact that fishing in New Hampshire exposes you to some pretty amazing scenery, whether you rent a boat at Wolfeboro bait stores or if you stay on shore. Lots of beautiful wildlife, scenic vistas, towering mountains, and bountiful shores. In fact, New Hampshire stocks nearly a million trout each year to provide opportunities for all of the fishermen who come here to explore the local region. Landlocked salmon, smallmouth bass, trout and other species can be caught here year-round. Lake Winnipesaukee and other bodies of water even offer opportunities for ice fishing and other winter sports.

Catch & Release
Unless you are fishing for your supper, the best way to enjoy fishing and keep it fun for everyone else is to adhere to a catch and release philosophy. Learning how to properly handle fish during a catch and release experience is important to the health and survival of the fish. The faster you land the fish, the less likely you are to exhaust it and stress it out.

When unhooking the fish, make sure to be very careful so as not to harm the fish in any way. Just gently back the hook out of the fish’s mouth. If needed, you can also use pliers. Make sure you have everything you will need to properly release the fish after catching it so you won’t have to keep the fish out of the water any longer than possible.

Do not unhook the fish while it is in the air. It is best to release the fish while it is in the water. Make sure you gently remove the hook and never ever shake a fish off the hook. Landing nets can make the catch and release process even easier on you and the fish. If the fish becomes severely damaged during the catch, consider keeping it and bringing it back to your campsite for dinner. Never throw a seriously injured fish back into the water.

Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing Tackle
Make sure to bring everything you need for fishing with live bait in New Hampshire when you visit the state’s most iconic lake: Lake Winnipesaukee. Stop by local Wolfeboro bait stores to get anything else that you might need to have a great day out on the water. Consider renting a boat at the NH Hole in the Wall to maximize your ability to reach the fish that you came here to catch. You can also fish from the shoreline, catching salmon and rainbow trout all summer long.

Other great spots to try while at Lake Winnipesaukee include the Lees Mills Boat Launch area, which is great for warm water species fishing, as well as the Wolfeboro Town Dock, which is a popular area for salmon and rainbow trout, as well as perch and smallmouth bass, depending on the season. Alton Town Park and Docks is another great spot for catching smallmouth bass, which tend to hand out among the rocks. In addition to great fishing, this part of the lake has a lot of music and live entertainment for you to enjoy during your visit.

Visit the NH Hole in the Wall
If you come to the Lake Winnipesaukee area for fishing or otherwise exploring the lake, rivers, and streams, make sure to stop by the NH Hole in the Wall for the very best in boat rentals and fishing tackle in New Hampshire. Wolfeboro bait stores can help you with live bait and artificial lures, depending on your needs, as well as Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle rentals. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location on North Main Street in Wolfeboro, NH.

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