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Making Memories With Kids: Rent a Boat on Lake Winnipesaukee

Making Memories With Kids: Rent a Boat on Lake Winnipesaukee

As parents, we have a small window of time where we can build amazing childhood memories with our kids. One way to accomplish that is by planning a family vacation that includes incredible activities and opportunities that they might not have at home. When you come to New Hampshire for vacation, make sure to take advantage of Wolfeboro boat rentals and get your family out on the lake. If you don’t know how to rent a boat or aren’t sure what it takes to operate a boat, just check out the tips below for a complete guide to learning how to rent a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Why Rent a Boat?
There’s a lot of fun to be had out on the lake. While you might be tempted to fill up your vacation with fishing along the shore, swimming at the local beach area, or attending local festivals, it pays to think about all the fun things you could do while out on the water. The fishing is different on a boat than on land, plus there’s lots of sightseeing that you can do from the lake that you can’t do while hiking or backpacking in the local area. If you aren’t an expert fisherman, you can take advantage of renting tackle and equipment, such as fishing electronics in Wolfeboro at the NH Hole in the Wall. Whatever it is that you want to do, you can do it even better while out on the lake.

Things you need to know about Lake Winnipesaukee include:

  • the lake is 21 miles long and between one to nine miles wide
  • there are over 69 square miles of surface space on the lake to explore
  • at least 258 islands are found within the lake, with half of them being less than a quarter-acre in size, perfect for exploring
  • the largest island is Long Island, measuring 1,186 acres
  • the smallest named island is Birch Island, which measures just 25 acres
  • the deepest point in Lake Winnipesaukee is 212 feet
  • while it is the largest lake in New Hampshire, it is the third largest lake in New England
  • the lake is 504 feet above sea level
  • Wolfeboro is known as the “oldest summer resort in America,” as the lake has been a popular vacation spot for over a century

How to Rent a Boat
Now that you understand all of the opportunities available to those who venture out on the water, it’s time to talk about Wolfeboro boat rentals. If you would like to know how to rent a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee, look no further than the NH Hole in the Wall on Main Street in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. You can also rent all of the gear that you might need for fishing all year-round, including Bob Houses in the winter for ice fishing and fishing electronics in Wolfeboro to help you find the fish. Start by thinking about how many people will be on the boat, which activities you would like to do, and whether you want a power boat or a rowing boat for your adventures.

At the Hole in the Wall, we have several boats for you to choose from, including:

  • Boston Whaler power boat ranging from 13-17 feet in length and 25-90 HP
  • Lund 16 foot power boat ranging from 25-40 HP (salmon package option)
  • Pontoon power boat ranging from 20-22 feet in length and 20-90 HP
  • Rossiter Classic Crew row boat from 13-17 feet in length
  • Canoes and Kayaks rentals ranging from 10-17 feet in length

Wolfeboro boat rentals are available for half day, full day, and weekly rental options. Prices vary accordingly, and it is highly recommended for you to put in an advance reservation to rent a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee, especially during the busy tourist season. You can view rates and other information on the website at www.nhholeinthewall.com or you can contact the office direct by dialing 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) during store hours.

Boat & Fishing Licenses
You can also get all of the fishing licenses you might need when you rent a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee at the NH Hole in the Wall. Freshwater fishing, senior fishing, one-day, three-day, seven-day, clam, oyster, saltwater fishing, combination fishing and hunting, and many other fishing and hunting options. New Hampshire has a mandatory boating education law. You can complete the safety course and take an exam online ahead of your visit or you can take it locally to get a temporary 14-day boating certificate.

If you already have a boating certificate in another state, New Hampshire will accept boating certificates issued by State agencies that are NASBLA approved. They will also accept boating certificates from the US Power Squadron, the US Coast Guard Auxilary and any unexpired boating licenses issued by the US Coast Guard or the State of New Hampshire. A boating education certificate is required to operate a motorboat over 25 HP in New Hampshire waters. If you are interested in renting a 20-25 HP boat or want a row boat or paddle boat, you won’t need to get the boating education certificate. However, it is highly recommended that you take the boating education course for your own safety.

Contact the NH Hole in the Wall
Start planning your trip to New Hampshire and rent a boat on Lake Winnipesaukee at the NH Hole in the Wall. Our team can help you learn how to rent a boat, give you information on fishing and other water activities in the local area, as well as help you with fishing electronics in Wolfeboro at our Main Street location. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our friendly representatives!

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