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Live Bait in New Hampshire for Best Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro

Live Bait in New Hampshire for Best Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro

Live Bait for Ice Fishing in New HampshireWhile you can bring a lot of supplies for ice fishing with you when you come to Lake Winnipesaukee, there are some things that must be bought locally. Live bait in New Hampshire must be purchased from local, authorized dealers. It is against the law to bring live bait from other states. Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies and bait are available at the NH Hole in the Wall, located on Main Street. We even have a variety of Bob House rentals available and other options that you can use for ice fishing in Wolfeboro.

What Type of Bait?

When it comes to choosing the best bait for ice fishing, there are many different schools of thought. For live bait, live shiners are by far the most popular. They are available in many different locations, including the Hole in the Wall. It is best to keep the live shiners in a bait bucket. A bait dipper is required to catch the small fish from the cold water. If you are fishing for crappies or sunfish, you will want to use mealworms or maggots. If you speak with a local ice fisherman, you will likely get a wide range of suggestions to use as bait.

What’s the Best Depth?

When it comes to ice fishing in Wolfeboro, the depth is significant. Most fish will stay at a specific depth, which can make it very easy to find them. If you are fishing for a certain species, you can usually do a quick online search to find out where they hang out on the lake. You can also ask the locals the depth that they use for ice fishing. One of the more popular Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies includes underwater video fish finders. These are great for people new to ice fishing or new to Lake Winnipesaukee.

How Are They Biting?

The cold temperatures make for different activity levels in the fish than what you might experience during the rest of the year. Fish don’t expend as much energy during the winter, so if you move your bait too fast, the fish might just let it go. When new ice fishermen get started, they don’t usually know this and will often have a bad first outing until they figure it out. Use a bobber to help you set the hook at the right time. Fish are reluctant to expend a lot of energy, but they are also less aggressive. That means that the fish won’t hit at the bait as aggressively as they would in the summer months. A slip bobber can be very helpful in this situation.

Tips for the Hole

Some of the best tips for ice fishing in Wolfeboro include covering the hole to prevent the light from penetrating the surface of the water. Fish will learn to avoid the holes in the winter. You can cover the hole with ice shavings. However, not all fish are created equal. Crappie are attracted by plankton and plankton are attracted to light, so if light penetrates the ice fishing hole, you might catch some crappie. Chumming the hole can also be helpful, drawing more fish to your location. Feeding fish will always attract other fish, so many fishermen will grind up minnows to get all the fish going crazy.

When is Ice Fishing Season?

For most lakes and ponds in New Hampshire, ice fishing begins at what is known as “ice in” and ends at what they call “ice out.” The season varies from year to year depending on ice safety issues and weather temperatures. However, most years the ice fishing season goes from late December through the middle of April. Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies are available beginning in December, as is live bait in New Hampshire. If you want to use Bob House rentals for your trip, make sure to reserve them in advance. It is important to learn the local rules and regulations. For example, in New Hampshire, salmon may not be taken through the ice, and designated trout ponds are closed to ice fishing. When in doubt, ask someone where you get your supplies for ice fishing in Wolfeboro.

Everything You Need for Ice Fishing

If you are interested in trying your hand at ice fishing, come to the NH Hole in the Wall. We have a wide variety of Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies and approved live bait in New Hampshire. Everything from Bob House rentals to augers and sleds are available at our Wolfeboro store. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location when you arrive at Lake Winnipesaukee. We can answer any questions that you might have about ice fishing in Wolfeboro and help you get the equipment that you need.

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