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Lake Winnipesaukee Water Sports and Recreational Activities

Lake Winnipesaukee Water Sports and Recreational Activities

recreational water sports in WolfeboroThere are so many things to do when you come to New Hampshire and visit the famous Lakes Region. Festivals, concerts, contests, dining, cultural events, museums, and of course, recreational water sports. If you are interested in participating in Lake Winnipesaukee water sports, your best bet is to take advantage of boat rentals in Wolfeboro. Be sure to read up on New Hampshire boating laws ahead of your visit so you can be prepared. One state law requires a boat safety certification to operate a vessel that has more than 25 horsepower. However, it is recommended that you consider at least taking an online course if you are new to operating a boat or if it has been a while since you have been out on the water.

Renting Canoes and Kayaks

One way to get out and enjoy the water is to rent a canoe or a kayak. The NH Hole in the Wall also rents paddleboards and kypads, which are a hybrid between a kayak and a paddleboard. They are a lot of fun for people of all ages and levels of experience, so these people-powered vessels can be a great choice for families to use when exploring the lake. If you aren’t sure how to operate a canoe or kayak, you can ask for more information when you speak with one of our agents about boat rentals in Wolfeboro or watch videos online that can help you get started. Regardless of the type of vessel, make sure to always have a personal flotation device, such as a life vest, available for every member of your party.

Canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and kypads are great for exploring the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee. While not as fast-paced as other types of recreational water sports, such as waterskiing or tubing, it can be a great physical activity to share with friends and loved ones. As far as Lake Winnipesaukee water sports go, canoeing and kayaking are perfect for those who want to enjoy a quiet day out on the water, check out one of the many islands, or even find a secluded fishing spot. Just about anyone can appreciate the benefits of boat rentals in Wolfeboro when it comes to these people-powered boats.

Renting Rowboats

One of our most popular non-motorized rentals at the NH Hole in the Wall is our Classic Custom Rossiter Row Boats. We have two different varieties, which include the 13-foot Rossiter Classic Crew and the 17-foot Rossiter Classic Crew. You can rent these vessels by the half-day, day, or week, depending on your needs. An excellent means of seeing the lake during your visit, many of our customers use these traditional boats for exploring, fishing, sight-seeing, and good physical exercise. All rentals are subject to availability, so be sure to secure your boat rentals in Wolfeboro ahead of your trip. Take time to read the local New Hampshire boating laws before participating in any type of recreational water sports.

Renting Motorboats

There are several different types of motorboats available for rental at the NH Hole in the Wall. The well-known Lund Aluminum comes in a variety of horsepower options, including the 16-foot Lund Aluminum Super Sport 25 horsepower, which can be operated without a New Hampshire boating safety certificate. You can also get this particular boat with an included salmon package. If you want more speed, there is also the 16-foot Lund Aluminum 40 horsepower, the 16.5-foot Aluminum Lund Rebel XS 75 horsepower, and the 16-foot Aluminum Lund Tiller 30 horsepower engine boats.

Our customers can also take advantage of two speed options in our popular Boston Whaler Super Sport vessels. Choose from the 25 horsepower or the 60 horsepower varieties. Similar to our non-motorized boats, these motorboats can all be rented by the half-day, day, or week. A deposit is required and if you are renting a boat with more than 25 horsepower, make sure to pay attention to New Hampshire boating laws. Every driver of any boat with an engine that is more than 25 horsepower must take a safety course and pass a safety exam. Visit the New Hampshire Department of Safety website for full requirements and criteria. Violators will be fined $50 for a first-time offense and up to $250 for multiple offenses.

Ready for Lake Winnipesaukee Water Sports?

Before you start investing in rentals or making plans to participate in recreational water sports during your visit to New Hampshire, be sure to check the NH Hole in the Wall website for options and rental opportunities. We carry a wide range of boat rentals in Wolfeboro, as well as broad array of recreational equipment that can be used out on the water. From tubing to paddleboarding, we have everything you need to enjoy your time at Lake Winnipesaukee. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our agents about your rental needs. We can help you reserve in advance or answer any questions you might have about Lake Winnipesaukee water sports.

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