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Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing With Kids: The Secrets of Success

Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing With Kids: The Secrets of Success

lake winnipesaukee fishingOne of the most enjoyable vacation pastimes for parents to share with children is fishing. Whether it is your main goal of visiting Lake Winnipesaukee or just one of many activities that you participate in during your trip, it pays to learn all you can about kid friendly fishing tips. Depending on the age of your children and your own level of experience, you can choose to use New Hampshire boat rentals or just fish from the shore. For the best Lake Winnipesaukee fishing with kids, make sure to select your gear ahead of time and be prepared. Kid-sized fishing poles, rods and reels, and life jackets should all be used to help little hands haul in their first big catch.

Choose a Good Location

Take a peek at the map for Wolfeboro and Lake Winnipesaukee to find the best spots for fishing with kids. Choose your fishing tackle in New Hampshire based on the type of fishing that you want to do and the species that you want to catch. You can pick up your fishing license when you visit the NH Hole in the Wall. Contact us direct or visit the NH Department of Fish and Game website for current pricing information. There are single-day and multi-day passes available for adults. While no license is required for children, they must be fishing with a licensed adult in the State of New Hampshire.

Look for an accessible area when shore fishing or get the best deals on New Hampshire boat rentals based on the number of people in your party and the ages of your passengers. A nice custom rowboat or canoe might be all you need, but for larger groups consider motorboats, including our Lund Aluminum and Boston Whaler options. Boats with 25 horsepower (HP) or less do not require a boat safety certificate; however, boats with more than 25 HP will require certification. You can get a certificate ahead of your visit at an accepted, authorized location. Visit the NH Department of Safety website and look under boating for details.

Select the Best Age for a First Trip

The age of your children will impact the way that you approach Lake Winnipesaukee fishing with kids. Smaller children under the age of four may not be interested or will have short attention spans. Older children should be considered as individuals so you can gauge their possible interest level on a case by case basis. Some four-year-olds are content to fish all afternoon, while you might have a seven-year-old that can only last 30 minutes or so. Multiple children may do better in a one-on-one situation, making time to take a fishing trip on their own to maximize the fun and focus.

Determine whether you child is mature enough to talk about fishing tackle, interested enough to learn about hooks and bait, or if you should just handle everything and give them the fishing pole and answer questions as they come up. You can even cast the line for the child and allow them to hold it and wait for the fish. It all depends on your child’s age, level of interest, and abilities. When baiting the hook, just quickly put the worm or baitfish on without making a big deal. This will help them take a no-nonsense approach to bait and may enable them to do it without worrying about it in the future. Many children are very interested in this process, so be careful how you handle it during this first impression.

Safe Kid Friendly Fishing Tips

One of the biggest concerns that parents have when taking small children fishing is safety. Water accidents can get very serious, quite fast if you aren’t prepared. As you start looking at fishing spots or shop for New Hampshire boat rentals, think about potential hazards or issues that could pose a danger to your children. Prepare by having kids use flotation devices, such as life vests, even when standing along the shoreline. If you do rent a boat, make sure to have a flotation device for every member of your family for Lake Winnipesaukee fishing with kids. If you don’t own life jackets, make sure to ask when you stop in for fishing tackle in New Hampshire at the NH Hole in the Wall.

Ready to reserve your boat rentals or learn more about safety gear for family fishing fun? Contact our team by calling 1-603-569-HOLE (4653). We can answer any questions you might have about kid friendly fishing tips, fishing licenses, boat rentals, safety gear, and rentals of fishing tackle in New Hampshire.

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