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Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing: Top Lures and Live Bait Options

Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing: Top Lures and Live Bait Options

lake winnipesaukee top lures and bait for fishingWhile a lot of anglers collect bass baits, salmon lures and flies to remember special fishing trips and adventures, others like to streamline their collection and only keep what works. When it comes to putting together your options for Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle, it pays to take some time to focus on your goals. What time of year will you be visiting? What type of fish will you try to catch? Will you be using boat rentals in Wolfeboro or fish from shore? Local Wolfeboro bait stores can help you with live bait options and even steer you toward popular lures, but what will you bring with you when you come to New Hampshire?

Spoon-Type Lures

When it comes to fishing lures, one of the most popular, widely-used, and well-known types is the spoon. Invented back in the mid-1800s, this proven winner is simple, yet successful, and great for a lot of different fish found in freshwater environments. There are lots of shapes and styles to choose from, depending on your tastes and needs. You might have to replace the hook a few times throughout its lifetime, but these little beauties are virtually indestructible. The cup and shape of the spoon will dictate its action in the water, wobbling a tiny bit or a lot, depending on the choice that you make.

Spook-Type Topwater Lures

The original Heddon Zara Spook was first invented in 1939, and the design features a unique side-to-side action that grabs the attention of most fish. Many say that this early development was the inspiration for nearly every new type of topwater bait on the market. While it can be cracked by a large fish, this lure will last you for many trips out on the water and has proven to be irresistible to surface-eating fish species time and time again. Great for smallmouth and largemouth bass, you want to keep this lure in a variety of sizes available in your tackle box.

Plastic Curly Tail Grubs

While they don’t look like much, the curly-tailed plastic “worms” sold at our Wolfeboro bait stores are very successful. Some say that the simplicity of this lure is what makes it so popular with the fish. A variety of sizes are available, allowing the angler to mimic many different types of live bait to attract a wide range of fish species in many different water conditions and seasons. The soft plastic feels like the real thing, so even when you start reeling it in, the fish typically hangs on without trying to let go. Many different colors are available, and this lure can be used in conjunction with other lures to increase its abilities.

Hair Jigs

These lures have been around for as long as anyone can remember, but much likely, they’ve been used even longer. A weighted hook with animal hair attached makes a very appealing lure for most fish species. Different colors, textures, sizes, and types can be chosen, based on the type of fish you want to catch and the location. Hair jigs can be used in rocky areas, grassy spots, and open waters to catch a variety of fish, including crappies, groupers, and snappers. The different types of animal hair can make a difference as well, including deer, rabbit, and squirrel. The most durable and popular is deer hair, which can be purchased along with other salmon lures and flies for your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle.

Lake Winnipesaukee Live Bait

It is against the law to bring live bait into New Hampshire from other states. The reason for this is to prevent the spread of invasive and otherwise dangerous species in our waters. When you get to Wolfeboro bait stores, make sure to stock up on any live bait that you will want to have during your fishing trip to our local area. The NH Hole in the Wall carries a wide range of minnows, smelt, tip up suckers, cut bait suckers, Candian Crawlers, and dillies. We also have trout worms, meal worms, and spike, depending on your goals and needs.

We can answer any questions you might have about live bait or boat rentals in Wolfeboro, providing you with all the tools you could require to have a successful time out on the water. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our shop on North Main Street in Wolfeboro when you get to the lake.

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