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Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing: Best New Hampshire Boat Rentals

Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing: Best New Hampshire Boat Rentals

Fishing on a Boat in the LakeCan’t wait to get out on the lake and get some fishing in during your trip to New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee? You aren’t alone! This is one of New England’s most well-known and loved spots for fishing, whether you are a tourist or a local. Located in the heart of New Hampshire’s beautiful lake fishing region, it is possible to rent boats in the nearby town of Wolfeboro for Lake Winnipesaukee fishing. The official open water fishing season starts April 1st and as soon as there is an “all clear” of the ice on the lake from the winter months, boating season begins.

New Hampshire boat rentals can be obtained from the Hole in the Wall, located on Main Street in Wolfeboro; video cameras for fishing, live bait and even local tackle rentals are also available to help make your fishing trip to the area complete. If you have not yet experienced New Hampshire Lake Fishing, you need to make your way to Lake Winnipesaukee. You can choose from a variety of types of boats, including row boats and canoes, as well as motor-powered aluminum boats and larger Boston Whalers. But which type of boat is best for fishing?

Choosing the Best Boat
The beauty and clarity of the water here is part of what makes Lake Winnipesaukee fishing so
incredible. With an up to 15 foot depth of clarity when the weather is calm, many feel that it is the short season here that makes the waters so pristine. So whether you bring your own boat from home or get New Hampshire boat rentals when you arrive, it is important to make sure that you have the right boat based on the type of activity or recreation that you want to do. For fishing, there are a couple of choices that will provide you with excellent results.

While there are rowboats and sailboats on Lake Winnipesaukee, for the most part, the locals and tourists who fish this great body of water, tend to prefer power boating. Wolfeboro is the perfect place to rent a boat for New Hampshire lake fishing because its location is considered to be the most beautiful on the entire lake. Known by locals as the “jewel of Lake Winnipesaukee,” it is truly one of the best places in the state for power boating. The waters off Wolfeboro are perfect for fishing. You can stop by the Hole in the Wall to get live bait, tackle rentals, local flies and lures, as well as a selection of Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing.

Some of the best boat options available for rental include:

  • Boston Whaler Super Sport – Hole in the Wall has three options available to choose from including a 13′ boat with 40 HP, a 15′ boat with 60 HP, and a 17′ boat with 90 HP. Rentals are available by the day or by the week. Rates range between $225-275 daily and $1400-1500 weekly.
  • Lund Aluminum Boats – 14′ boats with 15 HP engines and 16′ boats with 25 HP engines are available to rent through Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro. Rates range between $175-225 daily and $1350-1650 weekly. A special Salmon Package is available with everything you need, which includes a 16′ Lund Aluminum boat with a 25 HP engine, downrigger rods, life jackets, and additional equipment for $275 a day or $1650 a week.

It is important to note that you should look into requirements for New Hampshire boat rentals before you arrive for your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing trip. For example, the State of New Hampshire requires a boating safety certificate for anyone who wants to operate a power boat that has a 25 HP engine or higher in local waters. A boating safety exam must be passed locally or proof of passing an equivalent certification process in another state must be provided. Contact Hole in the Wall about New Hampshire lake fishing rentals in advance of your trip if you have any questions about boat rentals, tackle rentals, fishing regulations and requirements, or renting local Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing.

Contact Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro
If you are interested in reserving or learning more about New Hampshire boat rentals for your upcoming Lake Winnipesaukee fishing trip, contact Hole in the Wall to see about reserving boats, tackle, rods, reels, live bait and even Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to make reservations or to ask questions about local New Hampshire lake fishing opportunities, rules and regulations.

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