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Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro: Top 7 Excuses to Try Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro: Top 7 Excuses to Try Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing at Lake WinnipesaukeeIf you have never tried ice fishing, but have been curious, this might be the time to give it a go. Planning a trip to New Hampshire to go ice fishing out on the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee is a great opportunity for first-timers who are interested in seeing what it’s all about. You don’t need to invest a lot of money into your first trip. In fact, local tackle rentals and Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies make it easy to just show up and go fishing. You can even get live bait in New Hampshire that will help you make you first catch. While there are lots of great fishing in this local area year-round, ice fishing in Wolfeboro brings in thousands of visitors each year from all across the country.

Excuse #1 – The Experience
Got a bucket list? Is ice fishing on it? Getting out there on the ice and going fishing is one of those lifetime experiences that every fisherman worth his salt should have at least once. You might prefer river or boat fishing in the spring, summer and early fall, but there are many die-hard fishermen who get “hooked” on ice fishing in Wolfeboro in the winter. There’s nothing quite like it and it is definitely worth trying even if it is only to chalk it up as an experience.

Excuse #2 – It’s a Great Winter Sport
Not everyone is into skiing, snowmobiling or ice skating, but everyone needs a winter sport or activity to call their own. Even if you just get a weekend at Lake Winnipesaukee, check out the Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies at The Hole in the Wall that you can rent or purchase. Winter hobbies help to overcome the sheer boredom that can sometimes become overwhelming after months and months of being shut indoors.

Excuse #3 – It Doesn’t Cost a Lot to Start
Whether you rent or purchase the equipment for ice fishing in Wolfeboro, it doesn’t cost a lot to get started. A simple rod-and-reel combination set is easily under $20 – even for ice fishing poles. Extra equipment that is required, such as manual augers and other tools, can all be rented instead of purchased. Local tackle rentals are also available along with live bait in New Hampshire. You don’t even need fancy chairs, as some long-time ice fishermen simply sit on buckets turned upside down.

Excuse #4 – The Lake is Beautiful in Winter
Imagine seeing Lake Winnipesaukee lined with beautiful, snow-dusted trees while you are out in the middle of the lake ice fishing. It is an amazing sight and, if you pay attention, you might even get to see some local wildlife that you would miss in the summer. Make sure you bring your camera, because you are going to want to share this view with family and friends.

Excuse #5 – It’s Exciting
Anytime you try a new style of fishing, you can expect some pretty exciting results. People who have fished ponds and rivers their whole lives are often awe-inspired by a fishing trip to a big lake or out on the ocean. Pier fishing is drastically different from boat fishing, and nothing can beat your first fish from the shore using a bobber and a worm on a hook. Ice fishing has its own unique brand of excitement that you just shouldn’t miss.

Excuse #6 – You Get to Drill a Hole in the Ice
Yep. You get to do this part yourself. Sure, you might get a Bob House rental with your local tackle rentals and Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies with a hole already pre-drilled, but if you want, you can drill your own hole – that’s what the auger is for! If you have never drilled a hole in the ice, this is yet another experience you probably wouldn’t have if you didn’t go ice fishing.

Excuse #7 – Lots of Fish Species
When you go ice fishing in Wolfeboro you can catch several different types of species. Lake trout, white perch, rainbow trout, black crappie and more. Just make sure to speak with the locals to find out which fish are okay to take and which fish need to be put back. You will likely be told when you get your fishing license for New Hampshire, but it’s a good idea to ask anyway just to be sure.

Visit The Hole in the Wall for Local Tackle Rentals
Whether you come up to Lake Winnipesaukee to go ice fishing in Wolfeboro or come for the trout fishing in the summer, stop by The Hole in the Wall for the best live bait in New Hampshire. We also have a wide range of local tackle rentals and proven Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies that can be used to your advantage. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location on North Main Street in Wolfeboro when you get into town.

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