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Ice Fishing Basics: Wolfeboro Ice Fishing Supplies & Tackle

Ice Fishing Basics: Wolfeboro Ice Fishing Supplies & Tackle

As you might imagine, ice fishing tackle differs greatly from fishing tackle rentals and options that are commonly used during the rest of the year. If you are new to ice fishing and want to give it a try, come on up to Lake Winnipesaukee and check out the variety of Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies that are available for rent or purchase at the New Hampshire Hole in the Wall on Main Street. Our staff can help you get everything you need to have a successful outing on the lake, from Bob House rentals to keep you warm and dry, to tips on using lures or live bait in New Hampshire for ice fishing.

Ice Fishing Bait Tips
When it comes to choosing lures or live bait for your ice fishing trip, either one will work. Small lures, known as flies or jigs, are very popular for ice fishing at Lake Winnipesaukee. Teardrop shaped jigs that feature a horizontal column presentation, as well as “banana” shaped jigs that feature a vertical presentation, are often used by locals and visitors alike. If you want to use live bait in New Hampshire, remember that it is against the law to bring your own. In order to protect our waters, the law states that you can only use native bait.

Some of the popular options in live bait for Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies include:

  • wax worms
  • spikes
  • maggots
  • wrigglers
  • minnows
  • salmon eggs
  • smelt

Some of the popular options in lures for ice fishing at Lake Winnipesaukee include:

  • plastic lures in a variety of shapes and colors
  • lures that resemble an earthworm

Ice Fishing Tackle Tips
When it comes to the rod and reel that you will use for ice fishing in Wolfeboro, make sure to choose a special ice fishing rod. Unlike the rods you have likely used for freshwater or even saltwater fishing, you will notice that the rods available in Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies are very short. Typically composed of a fiberglass or graphite rod that is designed to withstand the extreme temperatures, it is important to find ice fishing tackle that is sensitive and flexible to help you notice the movement when a fish is on the line. Cold water fish are not as active as warm water fish, so it can be a completely different experience.

Popular ice fishing rods range between two and three feet in length. They use a spinning reel or spring-tension spool with line that matches the type of rod that you will be using. All should be chosen based upon the type of fish that you are trying to catch. Lightweight line on a lightweight rod and heavy line on a heavy-duty rod.

Tip-ups are also commonly used by locals. You can even get them as part of ice fishing tackle rentals when you purchase lures or live bait in New Hampshire at The Hole in the Wall. A tip-up is not really a rod, but an innovative device that is set out on the ice above the hold, dangling the bait beneath it. This type of set-up utilizes a flag as a strike indicator. When a fish takes the bait, the line and flag are released by the reel at the same time to alert the fisherman that there is something on the line. That’s where it gets its name, because it “tips up” to create the indication.

Ice Fishing Tools & Equipment
Once you decide what type of ice fishing tackle you want to purchase or rent, and have picked out the type of lures and live bait in New Hampshire that you want to use, it’s time to select the equipment that you will use out on the ice. You will need an auger, which is simply a drilling device to help you get through the ice. It looks like a giant corkscrew and has a sharp edge that spirals around to create the hole in the ice. Power augers can be used for thicker ice, but in most cases, a hand auger will work just fine. You can get one where you get ice fishing tackle rentals in Wolfeboro.

A chisel is also a good idea to help you chip into the ice, as well as a scoop to help you remove any excess ice or slush from the fishing hole. Something to sit on and layers of clothing to keep you warm are essential. You can read through our blog for specifics on the clothing items that you should wear and bring to ensure you don’t freeze. Bob House rentals and other fishing tackle rentals are all available at The Hole in the Wall bait and tackle shop in Wolfeboro, Massachusetts, to help you really have an enjoyable ice fishing experience.

Contact The Hole in the Wall
If you are planning a fishing trip to Lake Winnipesaukee in the near future, give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our team members. We can help you reserve boat and Bob House rentals, set you up with Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies and ice fishing tackle rentals – whatever you need to start collecting ice fishing stories of your own. Call today and learn even more about ice fishing right here in New England.

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