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Ice Fishing 101: Top Winter Fishing Supplies in New England

Ice Fishing 101: Top Winter Fishing Supplies in New England

Ice Fishing EquipmentNew to ice fishing but always wanted to go? If you are planning a trip up to New Hampshire in the winter months, you should really think about giving it a try. Ice fishing in Wolfeboro out on Lake Winnipesaukee or any of the other local lakes that freeze over, can be a real blast. Don’t worry about bringing winter fishing supplies with you, you can rent authentic ice fishing equipment at Hole in the Wall a popular store for Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies, lures, live bait and more. When the lake thaws, they also offer boat rentals in Wolfeboro at Hole in the Wall, along with seasonal bait and tackle options for visiting fishermen.

How Ice Fishing Works
It is important to understand how fish behave differently in the winter under a frozen lake than they do in the summer when the waters are warm. Fish need food, shelter and oxygen to survive. Some fish thrive better in the winter months than others and are just as active, if not more, than they are the rest of the year. Other fish slow down a bit, but for the most part, most species will be found at the bottom of the lake where the bottom is much warmer than it is at the surface.

What You Need to Know – In a small lake, most fish will remain in shallow ends of the water due to depleted oxygen supplies in the deeper parts of the lake. However, in a larger lake, there isn’t an issue with depleted oxygen supplies, so the fish go instead where there is the most food and shelter. Because temperature does affect the fish, deeper water is often preferred because it is slightly warmer than the water at shallower depths.

Fish are typically more active during the time of year known as first ice, which is when the lake first starts freezing over, and last ice, which is when the ice is about to melt completely. They are more active and they are also easier to catch. Fish have pretty decent sight, so fishermen get a wide variety of fishing lures that are colorful. However, their vision is somewhat limited in the winter when the sun cannot get through the ice. When fishermen cut holes in the ice, the fish notice. If the water is clear, keep your movements to a minimum or you could spook the fish.

Taking the Bait
One of the biggest challenges about ice fishing in Wolfeboro or anywhere for that matter is learning what will get the fish to take the bait – and what kind of bait to use. When you come into Hole in the Wall to get your winter fishing supplies or to rent ice fishing equipment, make sure to ask about bait. Some fishermen will swear by artificial lures, while others prefer live bait. Hole in the Wall has variety of popular Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies that you can choose from to try during your trip.

What You Need to Know – Different types of fish will take the bait at different times during the day. There are many different factors that can affect the feeding patterns of fish. Some fish are more active right around sunrise and sunset, including Crappie and Walleye. Other fish are more active when the sun is up and high, like Sunfish and Pike. For many species, full moons and new moons make them even more active and likely to feed, while others are more active just before and during a storm.

One of the most popular fishing methods used with ice fishing in Wolfeboro and all over New England, is known as jigging. If you are interested in learning the techniques behind this unique fishing method, speak with one of the team members at Hole in the Wall. They rent out jigging equipment along with other types of winter fishing supplies, so make sure to ask for it by name. They can provide you with a tutorial and some tips in-store to help you have a great time out on the ice.

Visit Hole in the Wall in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
When you come to go fishing at Lake Winnipesaukee or one of the many other amazing lakes, ponds and streams in New Hampshire, don’t forget to stop by Hole in the Wall to check out our seasonal spring, summer, fall and winter fishing supplies. In the summer, you can get boat rentals in Wolfeboro in a wide variety of sizes and types, including row boats, canoes, kayaks, aluminum fishing boats and even powerful Boston Whalers. In the winter, you can get ice fishing equipment and all of the local Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies you need to have a memorable experience. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to find out more about all of our fishing tackle, bait, supplies and boat rentals in Wolfeboro or to reserve one of our equipment rental packages for the season.

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