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How to Rent a Boat for Fishing in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

How to Rent a Boat for Fishing in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Planning a trip up to New Hampshire? Thinking about going fishing out on Lake Winnipesaukee? No trip to the state known as the “boater’s paradise” is complete without taking advantage of boat rentals in Wolfeboro. If you have never rented a boat before and aren’t sure how to rent a boat, this article will serve as a sort of guide, a primer to boat rentals. By the way, did you know that you can rent everything from Wolfeboro bait stores for a fishing trip? Don’t even worry about bringing fishing poles, tackle or bait. You can rent Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle that the locals use at the NH Hole in the Wall located on Main Street in Wolfeboro. We even have a wide range of plastic lures and live bait for you to choose from for your fishing adventure on the lake.

What You Need to Know
When you come to New Hampshire you will be overwhelmed by aquatic opportunities. No matter where you go you will be surrounded by ponds, lakes, and rivers. In fact, there are over 400 public, state, and federal launch sites that can be used to get a boat in the water. When you get boat rentals in Wolfeboro, you can choose from a selection of different types of boats, including rowboats, kayaks, canoes, and even stand-up paddle boards, if you’re into that kind of thing. Power boats are available to in a variety of horsepower options, depending on your interests, confidence, and skill.

Boat rentals in Wolfeboro go fast. If you want to learn how to rent a boat, start by doing so online ahead of your visit. If you are coming in the summer months, which is the busiest season of the year in New Hampshire, make sure to reserve a boat online or over the phone before you even get to Lake Winnipesaukee. If you don’t do it ahead of time, the chances are good that you might miss out entirely. When you contact the NH Hole in the Wall about how to rent a boat, make sure to ask about our Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle rentals as well. Then, when you get to town, just visit our Wolfeboro bait store and we’ll get you hooked up – pardon the pun – with all the fishing gear, boat rental, and bait you will need.

Not Just for Fishing
If fishing isn’t your thing or you don’t plan on doing it every day during your vacation, you will still want to look into boat rentals in Wolfeboro. There are literally hundreds of islands to explore on Lake Winnipeaukee, as well as miles upon miles of shoreline that is dotted with little coves and inlets, as well as a bounty of beautiful views. Make sure to bring your camera and binoculars for some amazing sight-seeing, which can include a glimpse of New Hampshire’s wildlife. Many of our renters use the boat rental for fishing one day and cruising around on the lake the next. What will you do when you get out on the expansive waters of the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee?

The Boater Education Law
Another thing you need to know is that everyone who operates a power boat that has over 25 horsepower is required to take a mandatory boating education course. Operators must be aged 16 and older to be compliant with New Hampshire law. However, if you are certified by another state agency that is NASBLA approved or if you have a boating certificate from the US Power Squadron, the US Coast Guard Auxilary, or if you have a valid commercial boating license in New Hampshire or issued by the US Coast guard, you can skip the class.

You can register for a classroom course via the www.nh.gov website. They also provide information for online courses, however if you take a class online, you will still need to take the final examination in-person. In addition to required courses for 25 horsepower and above power boats, new boaters can take a safety course for paddle boats, as well. While this course does not permit boaters to operate the power boats in New Hampshire waters, it will give new boaters all the fundamentals they need to confidently operate boat rentals in Wolfeboro.

Contact the NH Hole in the Wall
If you want to learn more about how to rent a boat from our Wolfeboro bait store, give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) and speak with one of our friendly staff members. Boat rentals in Wolfeboro will enhance your experience in New Hampshire. Call ahead or reserve online to make sure you have the opportunity to get out on the water. Whether you simply want to explore the lake or would also like to get some Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle rentals to try your hand at fishing, the NH Hole in the Wall can help you to achieve your goals!

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