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How to Prepare Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing Tackle for Spring

How to Prepare Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing Tackle for Spring

If you aren’t able to come up and try your hand at ice fishing, take advantage of the downtime this winter and start preparing your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle for the spring and summer months. Our Wolfeboro bait stores can help you stock up on lures and other essential equipment to replace lost, damaged, or missing items. We do have fishing tackle rentals available when you visit, but if you take pride in your tackle box and want to keep everything in tip-top shape for the fishing season, now is the time to take stock and prepare.

Boating Safety in New Hampshire

Another great thing to do over the winter is to prepare for your boating safety certificate so you can rent a boat when you come up to Lake Winnipesaukee next spring. You can view all of the necessary information online via the New Hampshire State website at www.nh.gov. Online courses and local tests can be taken to get the required certification necessary to help you get out on the water faster next year.

New Hampshire boating license and boat safety course certification are required for anyone over the age of 16 who wants to operate a vessel with more than 25 horsepower. We take boating safety in New Hampshire seriously, so the sooner you can start preparing for your certificate, the faster you can get out there and start fishing when you arrive. You can contact the NH Hole in the Wall to ask about fishing licenses, hunting licenses, and combination license opportunities at our Wolfeboro bait stores.

Start By Checking Your Lures

After a long and crazy fishing season, you might not have had time to look through the lures in your tackle box to check their condition. Take out all of the lures and start to organize them by type. Some might need minor repairs, while others might need to be replaced. Lure paint can be used for touch-ups if you don’t want to invest in a new lure just because of chipped paint. Hooks, swivels, and other elements of the lures in your tackle box might just need some small fixing or cleaning. The more you can do now, the less you’ll have to do out on the lake.

Go through the entire tackle box, cleaning out every little nook and cranny. This is a great time to assess the condition of your tackle boxes and make sure they are in good shape to be used again in the coming year. Bad handles, broken plastic storage boxes, and loose clasps don’t necessarily mean you need to replace the entire box, but if they can’t be fixed take this time to start searching for something new. We have a lot of options available for Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle at the NH Hole in the Wall. Browse our website to see some examples or call our team for additional options and suggestions.

This is a great time to organize everything in your tackle box. Sort everything out based on how you use it or what you use it for when you’re out fishing. This is your tackle box, and everything should be arranged based on your needs and preferences. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for setting up a tackle box, so don’t feel like you have to do it a certain way.

Check the Rods and Reels

While not literally in your tackle box, rods and reels are an essential part of your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle. Just as crucial as boating safety in New Hampshire, your abilities can be limited if you don’t have quality equipment. Check the poles and inspect for any cracks or alignment issues. If repairs can be made by replacing a broken eye, go ahead and do it. If you think it is broken beyond repair, it might be time to replace it entirely. Check any multi-piece models to make sure everything fits together as it should.

Now it’s time to check all of your reels — the things you should be looking for include missing screws, any type of looseness, or other signs of wear and tear. The handles should turn easily and spin smoothly. The gears should run without making any type of grinding sounds. If possible, lubricate your reel and replace the line according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Don’t over-fill the reels or under-fill them for that matter. You need to know your reels and prepare them properly for best results.

Contact the NH Hole in the Wall

If you are planning a trip to Lake Winnipesaukee this spring or summer, make sure to stop by our Wolfeboro bait stores. You can get boat and fishing tackle rentals or just browse our Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and live bait. Prepare for boat rentals today by getting started on a course that will help you comply with boating safety in New Hampshire. Call our team with any questions at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653).

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