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How to Know When Ice Fishing is Safe at Lake Winnipesaukee

How to Know When Ice Fishing is Safe at Lake Winnipesaukee

When planning a trip to go enjoy winter fishing in New Hampshire, it pays to have a basic understanding of when it is safe to go out on the ice. In most years, between the middle of January and throughout the month of February, the lakes and ponds in this part of the country are frozen enough to handle seasonal activities, such as ice fishing, ice skating and ice sledding. When you stop to get your winter fishing supplies or call to reserve Bob House rentals, our staff can let you know about the current conditions. However, you do need to be careful and learn enough to know when it is safe to get out on the ice.

Tip #1 – Check the Ice Yourself
You should never just take anyone’s word that the ice is thick enough to support you and all of your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle and equipment. You can make test holes with an auger, starting at the shoreline. According to regional safety guidelines, there should be a minimum of six inches of ice thickness to support a group of ice fishermen. If you want to go out with snowmobiles, then there should be a minimum of eight to ten inches.

Tip #2 – Know the Warning Signs
If you notice that the ice along the shoreline is “squishy” or cracked looking, it is not safe. Never go out on the ice during periods of thaws, even if they are temporary in the middle of the season. If you see ice or snow that is “dark” or areas that have a honeycombed appearance, stay off the ice. Learn the typical warning signs for the body of water that you want to fish and pay attention to everything around you.

Tip #3 – Thin Ice Locations
Regardless of the thickness of the ice at the shore or in popular fishing areas, there are certain parts of any lake that won’t be thick enough to handle you or your winter fishing supplies. Some of those areas include ice that is around islands, docks, bridges, and even rocks. When you stop in to get Bob House rentals or local tackle rentals, make sure to ask about any other spots that typically have thinner ice.

Tip #4 – Know What to Do
What would you do if you fell in the ice? You need to have a plan of action ready for an accident, just as you would have a game plan for getting the right type of Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle. Personal flotation devices and flotation rescue rope are a must-have for ice fishing. Other tools, such as ice cleats, can help you to walk safer on the slippery ice. An ice fishing suit is designed to help you stay warm if you fall in the ice. If you don’t have this specialized equipment, make sure to ask about it wherever you get your local tackle rentals.

Tip #5 – Rent an Ice Fishing Shelter
If you are new to ice fishing or if you are visiting from a warmer state, do yourself a favor and get Bob House rentals. Bob Houses are those little shelters or shacks that you see out on the ice. They help to keep you out of the wind and winter weather while fishing. You can rent them along with your winter fishing supplies, but the best part is that they are located in safe areas where the ice has already been tested for thickness. Of course you should always check the ice yourself (see Tip #1), but this can be helpful for first-timers or inexperienced ice fishermen.

Come & Enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee
If you have ever dreamed about coming up to New Hampshire to enjoy our beautiful lakes, rivers and streams, there’s no better time than the winter. Sure, its gorgeous here in the spring, summer, and fall seasons too, but if you have always wanted to try ice fishing, this is definitely the place. Stop by The Hole in the Wall bait and tackle shop to get all of your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle. We have a wide range of winter fishing supplies and all-season local tackle rentals, in addition to live bait, lures, and other accessories. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location on Main Street in Wolfeboro.

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