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How to Get Fishing Licenses in New Hampshire for Lake Fishing

How to Get Fishing Licenses in New Hampshire for Lake Fishing

Fishing License in New HampshireWhen you come to New Hampshire for a fishing trip, there are lots of different types of licenses that you can get to make your experience more enjoyable. In fact, you can take care of a lot of work ahead of time so you can get out on the water faster when you arrive. At the NH Hole in the Wall, we offer a variety of New Hampshire fishing license opportunities at our store. You can also get Wolfeboro boat rentals, live bait sales, and rentals for fishing tackle in New Hampshire at our location.

The type of fishing – and the length of your stay – will matter most when you come in to get your license. If you require licenses for anything else, including hunting, snowmobile, ATV, trail bike, or transfer/replacement of OHRV registrations, we can help you there as well. We even have combo license options for those who come to hunt and fish at the same time. If you have any questions about New Hampshire fishing license or hunting license requirements, you can contact our team or visit the website for the New Hampshire Department of Fish & Game at www.wildlife.state.nh.us.

Three Ways to Get a New Hampshire Fishing License

If you live outside of New Hampshire and are planning a trip to our region for fishing, there are three ways to get the proper licensing for fishing. You can use the online license page at the NH Department of Fish & Game, you can download and print a license application to mail it in for approval, or you can purchase it from a licensed agent. The NH Hole in the Wall is a licensed agent. We have a wide range of fishing license opportunities at our location. Over 110,000 resident and nearly 50,000 non-resident fishing licenses are sold each year in New Hampshire. If you are interested in getting a fishing license for your upcoming trip, you can either purchase it online in advance to prevent any delays or get it at the NH Hole in the Wall when you come in for your Wolfeboro boat rentals.

Boat operator licenses are a different story. In New Hampshire, any motorboat that is more than 25 HP (horsepower) requires a boating safety certificate. This certificate may be obtained locally before you arrive at Lake Winnipesaukee as long as it is issued by another State agency and is NASBLA approved or is issued by either the US Power Squadron or the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. You can also take the New Hampshire Online Course and then register for a proctored exam in-person when you arrive. To learn more about boating safety certificate requirements in New Hampshire, visit the Official New Hampshire Department of Safety at www.nh.gov/safety/ for information on Mandatory Boating Education.

Fishing Licenses Available at NH Hole in the Wall

When you come to our sporting goods store to get a New Hampshire fishing license, you can also get fishing tackle rentals, live bait, fishing equipment, accessories, and much more. We also have a wide range of games, water recreation equipment, and safety gear. Make sure to speak with one of our agents about your needs. We can help you get the license you need and even assist with options for live bait in New Hampshire to enhance your fishing experience.

Some of the licenses available at the Hole in the Wall include:

  • Freshwater Fishing (Senior discount for residents only)
  • One-Day Freshwater Fishing
  • Three-Day Freshwater Fishing
  • Seven-Day Freshwater Fishing
  • Clam and Oyster Fishing (residents only)
  • Recreational Saltwater Fishing
  • Combination Hunting & Fishing

If you will be hunting, make sure to ask about hunting, small game hunting for non-residents, archery, special deer archery, muzzleloader for residents, pheasant, bear, turkey, migratory waterfowl, and the annual wildlife habitat fee for hunting licenses. We also have OHRV registration opportunities. Make sure to call for prices and availability. You can reach the NH Hole in the Wall by dialing 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to speak with one of our friendly, helpful, and knowledgable team members. We hope to see you and your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing party soon at the NH Hole in the Wall!

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