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High Tech Fishing 101: Fishing Electronics in Wolfeboro, NH

High Tech Fishing 101: Fishing Electronics in Wolfeboro, NH

High Tech Fishing Tools for New HampshireWhen you plan your fishing trip out on Lake Winnipesaukee, make sure to take advantage of all to tools available at your disposal. Most people know that they can get New Hampshire boat rentals and get fishing tackle, lures and live bait, but they may not be aware of all the fishing electronics in Wolfeboro that are available for rent or sale. These high tech fishing tools can be very helpful, especially if you are new to the area or don’t have a lot of experience fishing these waters.

Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing can help you to find the fish and know where to drop your lines. There have been many advances made in fishing technology over the years, so if you have tried electronics as part of your fishing tackle in New Hampshire before, you may want to check it out again. The Hole in the Wall bait and tackle store in Wolfeboro features a wide range fishing electronics that can be rented or purchased for use on Lake Winnipesaukee and other lakes within the local region.

Product Spotlight at Hole in the Wall
Currently the top two fishing electronics in Wolfeboro that we are renting to our customers along with New Hampshire boat rentals, fishing tackle and more, include the Aqua-Vu 715c Series, which is a color underwater video camera; and the 7-inch Sunlight, which features a viewable LCD monitor and illuminated menu buttons, with auto-heat for amplified cold water performance. Both of these products have a solid reputation in the fishing electronics industry and are popular Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing year-round. Contact our store and speak with one of our customer service agents to find out about these products and other fishing electronics options available at the Hole in the Wall.

Examples of Today’s Top Fishing Electronics
When it comes to selecting the best fishing electronics in Wolfeboro to augment your fishing tackle in New Hampshire, make sure to choose products that are designed for fishing at a sizeable lake like Lake Winnipesaukee. Some electronics are designed more for smaller bodies of water, while others are more for open water experiences in the ocean. It pays to take some time to study a bit about the various types of Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing that are available locally, as well as other electronics that you might be able to find online.

  • Chart Plotters – This type of electronic fishing gear replaces many of the standard marine charts that people have used for literal centuries. Most are connected to a GPS and can help you find your location in the water and then assist you in plotting where you want to go. Other features are often included as well, such as fish finders, radar and depth sounders.
  • Fish Finders – While this feature is often found on other types of fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, you can purchase just a simple fish finder device by itself. A depth sounder tells you the depth of the water where you are, so it is great for avoiding things like rocks or other underwater hazards, including reefs. It also helps you to find schools of fish, which can help you know where to drop a line when out on a big lake like Lake Winnipesaukee. Great to combine with a chart plotter or other type of Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing to gain extra insight.
  • Night Vision – If you do a lot of nighttime fishing, then night vision goggles might be right for you. Add them in with your fishing tackle in New Hampshire to get an edge while out on the lake. Helps you to see obstacles even in low-light conditions. Night vision options can also be included with video cameras and other types of fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, including cameras, underwater cameras and binoculars.

Which One is Right for You?
You might be wondering which type of fishing electronics are right for you and your type of boat. If you are getting New Hampshire boat rentals, ask about electronics packages that can be added or might be included with some fishing packages. When you start shopping for Wolfeboro video cameras for fishing, chart plotters, fish finders, night vision and other equipment, do your research to make sure you aren’t spending on something you won’t need. The type of fishing you do, the size of your boat, the waters that you fish and even the species that you prefer to fish for can all affect the type of equipment that you will want.

Visit the Hole in the Wall on Main Street in Wolfeboro to take a look at our selection of fishing electronics and fishing tackle in New Hampshire. Take advantage of our tackle and boat rentals, live bait and lures, plus tons of sporting equipment that you can use to increase the fun on your next trip to Lake Winnipesaukee. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or visit our website to shop for many of our products online!

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