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Get Your Tackle Box Ready for Spring at Lake Winnipesaukee

Get Your Tackle Box Ready for Spring at Lake Winnipesaukee

Spring Tackle Prep for Lake WinnipesaukeeIf you have been counting down the days until spring fishing season, it’s time to start getting your tackle box ready. While there will still be several more weeks of winter, there’s no harm in spending a weekend getting everything ready to go. Fishing tackle in New Hampshire is much like the items used in other parts of the country. Sure, you might have some special salmon lures and flies that you use for shore fishing or boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee, but it’s all pretty much the same.

What should you bring on your fishing trip? If you are flying in for the season, you don’t really have to bring anything. You can even rent local Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle from the NH Hole in the Wall. We have a wide selection of custom rods and reels, approved live bait, plus a whole lot more at our Main Street store. However, most fishermen at least like to bring along their own basic box and then add some local recommendations when they arrive. If you’ll be bringing your tackle box with you to New Hampshire, it’s time to clean it up and get ready.

The Basics

Whether this is your first time coming up to the Lakes Region to go fishing or if you come here every year, it’s a good idea to go over the basics. You’ll want a variety of hooks, lines, sinkers, floaters, and artificial bait to get you started. Never bring live bait with you from another state, as there are local laws and regulations enforced by the Department of Fish & Game. If you are ever in doubt about a piece of equipment and whether it is allowed in New Hampshire or not, just visit www.wildlife.state.nh.us/fishing for details.

  • HOOKS – It is always a good idea to have a variety of hooks available to you can take on any fish that you encounter. Worm hooks are the best for many local fish at Lake Winnipesaukee, including smallmouth and largemouth bass. Worm hooks are great for use with boat rentals, as they can be used in fishing spots that contain weeds, timber, rocks, and other submerged shelters.
  • FISHING LINE – For fishing in the weeds, you’ll want to go with a durable line that can stand up to snags. While more expensive than other types of line, you will waste less time if you use a fluorocarbon line. This type of fishing line is also less visible in the water, which is great for picky or easily spooked species of fish. Check with the NH Hole in the Wall for recommendations on brands, weights, and types of line for your trip.
  • SINKERS & FLOATS – For fishing on or near the bottom, you will want to make sure you have a variety of sinkers for your fishing tackle in New Hampshire. Pyramid sinkers are great for quickly getting to the bottom, but egg-shaped sinkers are best for moving over obstacles. Test out a variety of sinkers while out on the lake for best results. Floaters and bobbers are great for fishing in the shallows, as well as for deep water fishing. Always keep a variety on hand so you’ll be ready for anything with your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle.

The Bait Debate

One of the things that fishermen will undoubtedly disagree on is the type of bait that should be used. You could ask 50 fishermen what type of bait to use, and you might get 50 answers. Specific types of bait, such as salmon lures and flies, are used to catch specific types of fish. However, there is a lot of debate regarding artificial and live bait options. Live bait has its advantages, but it can be quite messy and doesn’t last well for extended fishing trips. You might spend more on artificial bait, but it can be used again and again. A lot of fishermen collect artificial bait when they go on fishing trips, adding to their tackle box to ensure a wide variety of options for future excursions.

In New Hampshire, some of the fresh bait allowed for use in the state include smelt, dace, chub, shiners, minnows, and suckers. While it is illegal for people to bring fish bait into the state, there are licensed bait dealers that are permitted to sell certain imported bait fish for freshwater fishing. Some of those fish include white suckers, bait suckers, killifish, common shiners, creek chub, fallfish, and rainbow smelt. None of the imported varieties can come from states that are known to have waters that are infested with zebra mussels.

Visit the NH Hole in the Wall

If you are in need of fishing tackle in New Hampshire, visit the Hole in the Wall. We carry live bait and are authorized to sell bait which includes minnows, smelt, tip up suckers, cut bait suckers, Canadian Crawlers, dillies, trout worms, meal worms, and spike. We also carry an extensive array of salmon lures and flies, including BB Gun, Tommy Gun, Top-Gun, and loose lures. Call ahead to reserve boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee or to ask questions about fishing licenses or fishing tackle rentals. Call today at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or stop by our location on Main Street in Wolfeboro.

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