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Get the Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing Experience for Beginners

Get the Lake Winnipesaukee Fishing Experience for Beginners

Wolfeboro Fishing Tackle Rentals and SalesDepartment of Fish & Game statistics reveal that something like 40 million people go fishing each year in the United States – so why not you? Planning a trip up to New Hampshire typically includes time out on the lake, which often involves fishing. Local tackle rentals are available, helping to outfit beginners with everything they need from rods and reels to fishing line and lures at the bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro.

The NH Hole in the Wall also carries fishing licenses, which are required whether you fish on the lake in a boat rental or from the shore. Wolfeboro bait stores can be a great place to get started, offering popular local bait options and lots of exciting gear. If you want fishing electronics in Wolfeboro, we’ve got that too. Make sure to stop by the Hole in the Wall before you hit the lake!

Fresh Water Fishing Gear

Once you get your license, it’s time to get everything else. You will need at least a basic fishing rod and reel. There are kid-versions of these available, so if you are taking the whole family, you might want to look at smaller sets for the children. You will notice that there are a lot of options for fishing line. The best range to purchase is between 4-12 pound-test monofilament fishing line. You will also need a package of fishing weights and fish hooks. Hooks also come in a lot of sizes and varieties. You just need basic fish hooks ranging from number 6-10, depending on your needs. A plastic bobber or even a cork will do to suspend the bait in the water so you can catch your fish.

The bait is where some people get concerned. If you have never worked with live bait before, make sure to ask about plastic lures when you visit our Wolfeboro bait stores. There are wiggly rubber worms and fancy, colorful fish species-specific selections. If you don’t know what you need, don’t worry – our team will help you. We can even explain how to put it all together into a tackle kit or offer local tackle rentals to help get you started. After your first fishing trip or weekend in Wolfeboro out on the water, you can put together your fishing kit with the items listed in the previous paragraph. Live bait can consist of a lot of different things, including worms, Night Crawlers (very large worms), minnows, Canadian Crawlers, dillies, mealworms, and spike. Ask a helpful salesperson for assistance. We can let you know what the locals use the most and tell you which fish bite on each type of bait.

Local Tackle Rentals

If you decide to stop by our bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro, make sure to check out our rental options. Whether you are an experienced angler or if you have never hooked a worm, we can provide you with the tools you need to succeed. Choose from a one-tray, two-tray, three-tray, or six-tray tackle box. Our boxes come in three colors, green, red, and blue. We also have an extensive array of fishing lures and flies, including the popular BB Gun, Tommy Gun, Top-Gun, and loose lures of various sizes and types. Fishing electronics in Wolfeboro are used by locals and visitors alike. Electronics can help to make your fishing experience even more exciting. Choose from an Aqua-Vu 175c Series Color Underwater Video Camera or a 7-inch Sunlight Viewable LCD Monitor with Auto-Heat for Cold Water performance.

You can also shop online ahead of your visit. We can ship to you or hold the items at our location so you can pick them up when you get to town. A lot of people like online ordering, because it helps them to pick the equipment that suits their needs and style the best. Currently, on our website, we have a Berkley Cherrywood HD rod and a Daiwa AirD 662MXS rod for sale. We also feature a Daiwa Exceler and three different Eagle Claw models, including the Classic 300 GL, LC600-30D, and the Water Eagle Combo Spin Cast set. Our Wolfeboro bait stores stock a variety of kids’ combo models, such as the Shakespear Salamander Kid’s Combo for just $24.00 It has the rod and reel together in a combo so you can get fishing a lot faster.

Visit the NH Hole in the Wall

If you are interested in local tackle rentals or sales, as well as live bait and lures for fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding area, make sure to stop by the NH Hole in the Wall. Located on North Main Street in Wolfeboro, we have all of the tools, equipment, bait, and accessories you need to have a great time fishing in New Hampshire. Lake fishing, river fishing, pond fishing, and creek fishing – our bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro can get you ready to go! Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) or use our online SHOP to purchase your equipment ahead of your visit and make reservations for boat rentals.

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