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Get the Best Fishing Tackle in New Hampshire for Lake Fishing

Get the Best Fishing Tackle in New Hampshire for Lake Fishing

Fishing Tackle in Lake WinnipesaukeeFishing tackle can be a fickle thing. What works at one body of water might not work at another, so it only goes without saying that you can get a leg up on other tourist competition by choosing to use fishing tackle rentals when you come to get your New Hampshire boat rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee. Custom fishing rods and reels are fine to bring with you, but when you want to really fish like the locals, it can be better to buy or rent fishing tackle in New Hampshire at the Hole in the Wall bait and tackle shop in Wolfeboro.

Tips & Tricks from the Experts
When fishing the beautiful lakes in New Hampshire, make sure to get tips from the local fishermen, some of whom you will meet hanging out at shops that offer fishing tackle rentals. Some will recommend that you use light, long leaders with a four to six pound test, while others will swear that your best chance of catching salmon is to vary your speed and course to create S-shaped curves in the water. Jigging a variety of salmon lures and flies can help to increase your odds of catching local lake salmon while you are in the Wolfeboro area.

Some suggestions will have more to do with New Hampshire boat rentals, such as whether or not it is best to have a motorized or non-motor type boat. Trolling along deep drop-offs can be a huge asset, regardless of the type of fish you are attempting to catch, so it can pay to get a local fishing map or use underwater video and fishing tackle rentals to increase your odds of success. If you want to catch big fish use big lures or large live bait. You won’t catch a big fish with a little lure, so it’s best to think big if you want to catch big with your fishing tackle in New Hampshire.

Know the Local Waters
Even if you are from outside the New England area and are just here at Lake Winnipesaukee on a fishing trip, you can learn all about the fish here in the local waters and use that knowledge to your advantage. For example, a variety of rainbow trout, salmon and other similar fish can all be caught using the same fishing tackle rentals and lures. Bass fishing out on the lake is best in the late evening and the live bait of choice by many local fishermen, which can be purchased where you get fishing tackle in New Hampshire, includes crawfish or similar types of bait.

There are things you can do that will attract bass in the local lakes, such as buoy hopping to try other spots around the lake until they start hitting, and pulling and dropping anchor. Unlike other fish, when it comes to bass, the more activity in the water, the better. We even have some fishermen who swear that the best thing to do with New Hampshire boat rentals is to dive in and swim around the boat a few times to help attract bass to the boat. Make sure to ask about hook sizes and types with regard to the specific type of fish you are hoping to catch.

Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro
The concept of ice fishing is completely different from fishing out on the lake during other times of the year. Ask about custom fishing rods and reels designed specifically for ice fishing in New England, as well as other types of seasonal fishing tackle rentals. Fishing tackle in New Hampshire can vary greatly, depending on where you are fishing and what you are fishing for at Lake Winnipesaukee. Make sure to visit your local bait and tackle shop in Wolfeboro where you get your New Hampshire boat rentals and fishing tackle rentals to find out what the locals are using. You may be surprised to find tackle options that are completely contrary to everything you expected to use on your trip.

You can rent Bob Houses and a wide variety of other types of ice fishing equipment when you come to Wolfeboro in the winter. Contact our bait and tackle shop ahead of your trip to make sure that the lake is frozen over, so you won’t waste a trip if it hasn’t frozen yet or if it has thawed out early. For safety reasons, there are a lot of restrictions on ice fishing out on the lake depending on the temperature and time of year. Learn how to drill proper holes, where to fish out on the frozen lake, and make sure to dress warmly and bring hot coffee to keep you from freezing along with the lake.

Visit the Hole in the Wall
If you are interested in learning more about fishing tackle in New Hampshire or want to know more about our custom fishing rods and reels, give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653). Our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable customer service employees can help you with all of the fishing tackle rentals, live bait, lures and flies, local fishing tips and other services you require to have a successful trip to Lake Winnipesaukee. Call today to reserve New Hampshire boat rentals or to ask about seasonal ice fishing and other fishing events.

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