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Get Local Bait for Fishing: Bait & Tackle Stores in Wolfeboro

Get Local Bait for Fishing: Bait & Tackle Stores in Wolfeboro

Local Fishing Bait OptionsThere are as many different types of bait that can be used as there are types of fish that can be caught. The type that you use will depend on the type of fish that you are aiming to catch. Your best bet is to visit your local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro to find out what the locals are using and go from there. There are restrictions about bringing live bait into a new area, especially from state-to-state, so don’t risk it by bringing bait from your local bait shop all the way to Lake Winnipesaukee. For best results and to ensure that you are fishing legally when you visit, make sure to stop at local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro before you get out on the water.

Selecting the Bait
It is important to remember that all bait is different. When you choose the bait that you will use on your fishing trip, you must think carefully about the different baits that are being used by other fishermen, the type of fish that you want to catch, and consider the local laws regarding the baits that are allowed to even be used. Bring your own salmon lures and flys with you when you go on a fishing vacation, but check out the options at the local shops and collect some new lures for your collection.

The primary types of bait that you can choose from fall into several categories. Worms, which are used just about everywhere; minnows, which are sold commonly as live bait in New Hampshire; insects, which some fishermen just swear by; and dough balls, which can be controversial, depending on who you talk to about bait. Make sure to choose the best bait for the time of year, the type of fish, the time of day that you will be fishing, and of course the region in which you are fishing.

Worms & Minnows
As the two most popular types of bait next to bass or salmon lures and flys, worms and minnows should be considered for just about any fishing trip. You can purchase them locally where you get fishing tackle in New Hampshire and then use them throughout your trip as-needed. They are low in cost and can vary by the region. Night crawlers and earthworms are great for catching bass, while manure worms and red worms are better for catching trout. However, it is true that you will catch the widest variety of fish just by using a simple worm on your hook. In fact, worms are the most abundantly sold type of live bait at any bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro.

Minnows are also sold widely where you will get fishing tackle in New Hampshire. It is not legal to catch your own minnows with a net in all areas, so make sure to know the local laws before you do so. Purchasing your minnows from bait and tackle stores is as important to do locally as it is to purchase salmon lures and flys. What works in the local area might be different from what works for you at home, so it’s always a good idea to get the inside scoop from the local fishing industry. Minnows will attract larger fish than worms due to their swimming motions, so make sure you carefully put the minnow on your hook so it can still swim and bring in the big fish.

BONUS TIP – Experts agree that a small piece of worm on a hook can be much more effective than putting the whole worm on for the fish. Worms that are too long can cause fish to nibble without actually taking a bite.

Insects & Artificial Lures
It might seem odd to put live bait and artificial lures in the same category, but when it gets right down to it, most artificial lures and flies are meant to mimic the look and behavior of many of the insects that fish will eat naturally. Beetles, grasshoppers and caterpillars are some of the types of insects that many fishermen swear by, but it is important to purchase them or catch them locally – when legally allowed – than to bring anything in from home. You don’t want to introduce an invasive species into a new region. Not only is that illegal but it is irresponsible and could damage the local environment.

Stop by local bait and tackle stores in Wolfeboro to check out the selection of options for salmon lures and flys. You can also get live bait in New Hampshire at these local shops, so it is good to know which ones are popular with the locals and visiting fishermen ahead of time. You can also rent boats, equipment and fishing tackle in New Hampshire at most of these shops, such as the Hole in the Wall located on Main Street in Wolfeboro. We carry a wide range of options for local and visiting fishermen that will help you to have a great trip. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) to secure a boat rental or to learn more about everything that we sell at our local bait and tackle store in Wolfeboro.

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