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Fishing Tips for Fall + Tips for Live Bait in New Hampshire

Fishing Tips for Fall + Tips for Live Bait in New Hampshire

Bass Fishing in the FallOne of the best times of year for bass fishing in the northeastern states is fall. That’s when bass season really kicks into high gear. In fact, some fishermen swear by this time of year, forgoing the crowds and tourists that flock to the lakes and streams during the summer. As the seasons change, everything about fishing for bass at Lake Winnipesaukee changes, so fishermen need to be ready to adapt.

Those who are unfamiliar with the change can try fishing electronics in Wolfeboro or check out local tackle rentals to see what other fishermen are using. Make sure to get your live bait in New Hampshire and take a look at other popular gear at Wolfeboro bait stores so you can stay on top of what the bass are biting on this time of year. It pays to keep your eyes open and an ear to the ground so you can learn from those who are in the know.

Bass Fishing in New Hampshire
Fishermen literally come from all over the world to enjoy the exciting bass fishing on the lakes of New Hampshire. Over all the other species, bass are one of the most popular game fish, including the smallmouth and the largemouth varieties. Wolfeboro bait stores can tell you that Lake Winnipesaukee has been blessed with a generous stock of both. Local tackle rentals and the live bait in New Hampshire reflect the appeal of this species, which attracts fishermen of all ages and abilities to our great state. The more you can learn about the seasonal changes with regard to bass fishing in the fall, the more likely you will be to catch some pretty amazing fish.

  • SMALLMOUTH BASS FISHING – In the fall, the top baits used to catch this magnificent fish include live bait in New Hampshire, consisting of spinner baits, crank baits and spoons. As the fish move deeper into the lake as the day progresses, many swear by switching to worms and jigs, along with the spoons. Early morning fishing in the fall around the shallow to mid-deep areas should eventually progress to deeper areas once the water has been warmed by the sun. These tough little fish have earned a solid reputation for being great fighters. Other names for this popular species include “smallies”, “bronze backs”, “brown bass” and “brownies.” In the wild, they primarily feed on insects, crustaceans, crayfish, smaller fish and bait fish, so adjust your approach to bait for this species accordingly. These fish prefer cooler water temperatures of 60 degrees or higher, smallmouth bass are comfortable in a current. Some fishermen swear by the use of fishing electroncs in Wolfeboro to find these fish as the temperatures drop lower throughout the season.
  • LARGEMOUTH BASS FISHING – The autumn season is also great for largemouth bass fishing, if you know where to fish. In the early mornings and evenings, the locals are catching these fish in the shallow to mid-deep depths. As the water warms up during the day, they are moving to deeper waters. You can usually find them in outside deep structure areas. Look for schools of bait fish, as the largemouth bass will follow this food source. Spoons or jigs are your best bet for catching this popular game fish. Preferred over the smallmouth bass due to its size and increased fight, largemouth bass will eat virtually any bait or sport fish that is available. Check with local tackle rentals at Wolfeboro bait stores for updates on what they are biting on at the moment. The feeding sprees of this tough fish are short-lived, but occur approximately four times within each 24-hour period, however bass will strike baits to protect their territory, especially during the spawn in shallow waters.

What Changes in the Fall
Some believe that the reason why bass fishing changes up in the fall is that the fish feel the coming of the cold and begin preparing for the winter season. When the first cold front hits in the late summer weeks, the bass become more difficult to find and more challenging to catch. However, many fishermen swear that the fall season is the best season for bass fishing because of the challenge and the fight of the fish. This is why visiting local Wolfeboro bait stores like The Hole in the Wall on Main Street can really be beneficial to visiting anglers. Speak with the staff and chat with local fishermen to find out what the bass are biting on and where they are being caught. While there will still be some movement, it’s good to check with the local experts to get a head start.

You can contact The Hole in the Wall ahead of your trip to Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding fishing area by calling us at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653). Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you with a variety of local tackle rentals, purchases and even live bait in New Hampshire. Whether you need fishing electronics in Wolfeboro or just some experienced advice, you can count on The Hole in the Wall to help make your trip to New Hampshire a memorable one.

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