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Fishing Tackle Rentals: Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro for Beginners

Fishing Tackle Rentals: Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro for Beginners

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at ice fishing, a trip to the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee is the perfect time to do it. Even if you don’t catch a thing, the experience here is unmatched. Gorgeous scenery, friendly locals and fishing tackle rentals so you won’t have to bring a thing. Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies are available at The Hole in the Wall bait and tackle shop. You can also get Bob House rentals, those cute little shacks that you see out on the ice, as well as everything else you could ever need to go ice fishing in Wolfeboro.

Legal Requirements
If you want to go fishing in New Hampshire, you need to get a fishing license. Make sure to check on the local requirements to see how you can apply in advance before your trip. The New Hampshire Department of Fish & Game website has an online application that you can use to get everything taken care of from home. There isn’t a special fishing license for ice fishing, but you should check to make sure you understand the local rules about which fish can be caught and which ones need to be thrown back.

Fishing Tackle Rentals
The next phase is to contact the Hole in the Wall to find out about renting Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies during your trip. They can also give you some insider information on the best time to come out to New Hampshire when the lake is completely frozen over and ready for ice fishing. Everything you need from fishing rods and reels to Bob House rentals can be acquired at this local bait and tackle shop. There are also lots of extras that you can get to make your trip more enjoyable. Things to keep you busy while you are waiting for the fish to bite and multi-purpose sleds to make it easier to get out on the ice.

Some of the items that you will need for successful ice fishing in Wolfeboro include:

  • AUGERS – Choose from manual or power augers to drill the hole that you will be fishing out of during your trip. You can purchase or rent augers where you buy your Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies.
  • ROD & REEL – Get yourself a fishing rod and reel combination for ice fishing at Lake Winnipesaukee. Make sure to have a stiff rod and at least eight pound fishing line. You should be able to catch a wide range of fish with this setup, including lake trout, small and large mouth bass.
  • TIP-UPS – If you aren’t sure what a tip-up is, don’t worry. The team at the Hole in the Wall will get you hooked up and ready to get out on the ice. This set-up includes both a sinker and your bait. It lets you know when a fish is on the line so you can reel it in. It’s a great way to make sure you never miss a fish.
  • BAIT – Check with the locals where you get your fishing tackle rentals to find out what bait everyone is using at the moment. Each fisherman has his own favorite bait, but it pays to listen to the recommendations of the locals. Don’t ever bring live bait from another state when you go ice fishing in Wolfeboro. Most states have laws about bringing in bait that could become an invasive species in non-native waters.
  • BUCKETS – There are lots of uses for buckets when out on the ice. They can carry your gear, be used to hold fish and can be turned upside down to make a nice stool, if you don’t remember to bring a chair.

Ice Fishing in Wolfeboro
As you might have guessed, it gets pretty cold in New Hampshire in the winter. If it is cold enough to freeze the lake over for ice fishing, it’s cold enough for you to learn how to dress appropriately. A heavy coat, insulated snow pants, waterproof gloves, hats, scarves and waterproof boots are just the beginning, but enough to get you started. Bob House rentals are great for fishermen of all levels of experience, but they are a necessity if you are new to ice fishing. Not only will they provide you with shelter from the weather, but they are very comfortable and great for small groups.

Contact the Hole in the Wall for more information on ice fishing in Wolfeboro. We have everything you could ever want in local Wolfeboro ice fishing supplies for purchase, live bait, fishing tackle rentals, Bob House rentals and much more. Give us a call at 1-603-569-HOLE (4653) to reserve equipment for your next ice fishing trip or to learn more about Lake Winnipesaukee and the different types of fishing available in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

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