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Fishing Tackle in New Hampshire: Best Gear for Lake Fishing

Fishing Tackle in New Hampshire: Best Gear for Lake Fishing

New Hampshire Fishing Tackle TipsIf you are planning on making fishing a part of your experience when you visit New Hampshire, you will want to get a jump on getting the best gear for lake fishing. When you visit the NH Hole in the Wall, you will notice that we have a wide variety of supplies that you can use to your advantage. Local lures, live bait, and a selection of custom fishing rods and reels are all available to help you get the most out of your trip. Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle isn’t that much different from the type of gear that you would get for fishing at other large lakes. However, if you are trying to fish a specific species during your visit, you might want to get some of the best fishing tackle tips from the locals. Not only do they know where and when to fish for best results, but they also have an understanding of which lures and live bait will get you the most action.

The Basic Tackle Box

If it’s been a while since you’ve fished or if you are just taking up the sport, there are a few things that you will want to get to help you out on the water. Fishing tackle in New Hampshire should contain extra line just in case your hook gets hung up on an old log, grassy growth, or breaks while catching a huge fish. The type of line that you want will depend on where you’re fishing and the species of fish that you are trying to catch. A heavy and durable line is necessary for fishing in rough conditions, and a thin, clear line is essential in crystal clear waters. If you aren’t sure what type of line to add to your Lake Winnipesaukee fishing tackle box, just ask one of our team members at the NH Hole in the Wall for advice.

Other items that you will want to bring along include:

  • extra hooks of all sizes – hooks range from 32 (the smallest) to 19/0 (the largest), once again depending on the type of fish in the lake and the species you are trying to catch
  • bobbers or floaters – an excellent tool to help you know when your line is getting a bite; great for many different types of fishing and always a hit with kids; check out the different types of bobbers, including round bobbers, slip bobbers, and old school options depending on your fishing style
  • sinkers – you’ve gotta have a sinker if you want that hook and worm to get down to where the fish are located; always bring extras and check into eco-friendly options outside of the traditional lead, as many states are requiring other metals including brass, steel, tungsten, and bismuth for environmental reasons
  • plastic worms – even if you brought some live bait from the local bait shop, bring along some plastic worms just in case; choose a variety of sizes and colors to increase the interest in your bait among the local fish
  • specialized lures – there are hundreds of different lures to choose from that imitate live bait such as minnows, spoons, spinners, and topwater insects; each lure is designed to behave in a certain way to attract fish; ask our team about the best fishing tackle tips for lures on Lake Winnipesaukee
  • needle nose pliers and line cutter – whether you catch-and-release or bring home your catch, you will want a pair of needle nose pliers to take the hooks out of the fish; a line cutter will be necessary if you get your line hung up on anything down below
  • first aid kit and sunscreen – take care of yourself and your fellow boaters by having a simple first-aid kit and some sunscreen in with your fishing tackle in New Hampshire; you never know when you might need it

Study Line Setups for Lake Fishing

Before your visit to Lake Winnipesaukee, start studying line setups for lake fishing success. Anglers will use different setups based on the location and the species that they are trying to catch. The setup is a variation of sinkers, bobbers, line, and bait, along with hooks, swivels, and other hardware that can be used to get the bait right where you want it. Cast and retrieving setups, bottom fishing setups, suspended bobber and bait fishing setups, and specialized options for trout or bass are available online. Look at videos, search for setup charts, and determine which type you will need based on the season of your visit. The New Hampshire Fish & Game website has a full list of fishing seasons, so you will know what to expect – and what to avoid – when you come to Lake Winnipesaukee.

To learn more about fishing tackle in New Hampshire or to order custom fishing rods and reels for your visit, contact the NH Hole in the Wall. Our team can help you with live bait, exclusive local lures, and the best fishing tackle tips for fishing on the world-famous Lake Winnipesaukee. Give us a call at 603-569-HOLE (4653) or visit our store locally on North Main Street in Wolfeboro when you come in for boat rentals or live bait.

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